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Why so much pain all of a sudden

RA been relatively under control for 9 years , but suddenly I have pain everywhere the last 3 weeks. Never had to take many painkillers now taking maximum.  Think something else is happening but no-one listening. Any suggestions please x

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Please go for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th opion. Having had your RA under control  for 9 years means you know something is wrong. It seems to me that your meds aren't working as well as they did.

I wish you well


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Hi  sounds like you need a review of your medications from your rhuematology depth.  Best wishes 


Morning, give our helpline a call on 0800 2987650 or email them at helpline@nras.org.uk and they can talk you through what you should do.

Hope this helps.  Val, NRAS


As you know this isn't uncommon. Your specialists need to be taking you seriously. RA is well know for behaving itself and then suddenly having a change of heart. As other posters have said you need to keep on to people until they listen. Uncontrolled RA causes joint damage. Best of Luck Meg and remember you need to look after yourself more now. Your joints are more vulnerable so ditch or change any activities which put your joints under unnecessary strain. Don't just see a Rhematologist. Ask to see an OT for another review of hand splints and a physio. xx


Know what your going thro'. I manage my "flare ups" with Prednisolone steroids 

7 days 20mg then 7 days 15mg. Then 7days 10 mg. It works for me.


I have had psoriatic arthropathy for 40 years - and it has been totally stable, until a year ago.  Then deterioration set in.  Now I also seem to be in a position of no matter how many or what concoction of drugs, nothing helps except for a few hours.

So, as they say on Frazier, "I'm listening..."

If you want my current opinion as to what is happening to me, my stomach no longer works properly/normally/effectively, thus allowing normal proteins to enter the blood stream, triggering flares, and more flares.  This means I am very sensitive aka intolerant to a wide variety of foods, eg gluten, dairy and nightshades.

(Whilst away on holiday for a week) two nights ago I had a totally gorgeous shop-bought GF pizza with a lovely tomato paste.  If I am right the tomato in this pizza has caused major, and I mean major, flare-up over the last couple of days.  I have since had so many tablets to try to bring my body under control, to return to some stability... 

Not nice. I won't be having that pizza again, and possibly no more tomatoes except under test conditions.  That test won't happen until my stomach system is clean - bring on my juicer.

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