so much pain!

hi everyone hope youre all well! i want to start by saying im just having a whinge now! :) i was taking 20mg mtx injections sulfa and hydroxy tablets which seemed to be doing ok, then i decided to try and get pregnant, no luck so far. Obviously ive come off the mtx and boy do i know about it! ive been reduced to crawling most days as my feet and knees feel like ive been out on the tiles in a pair of stupidly high heels (oh to be able to wear those again!), my rheumy told me she could give me an injection of something, cant remember what (brain fog) but im just trying to decide when enough is still on the sulfa and hydroxy but find im taking painkillers like boiled sweets. My poor other half says he feels like a prize bull because im so desperate to be pregnant then i can hopefully be pain free!

I've also just changed my car which has no power steering, again i was living in my pre RA days when i bought it a month ago....its now back up for sale as my wrists scream out in agony everytime i go round a bend!

im sorry for the moan. I hope you all have a lovely day when the sun comes up :)

Max xx

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  • So sorry. I've been off all meds, methotrexate sine the beginning of the year. I'd forgotten what it's like esp first thing in the morning. Is there nothing you can be given which won't affect your attempts to get pregnant? My GP relented yesterday and after a little prednisone steroid my painful knees and inflamed hands are within normal limits within a few hours. I hope you can get some medical support.

  • Hi Maxb

    I can totally understand how you feel(except trying to get pregnant bit lol!)

    This is the right place to be if you want to moan,i had a rant last week because of my pain. I`ve had to come off mtx and since doing so my pain has become unbearable and like you I`m eating painkillers like smarties.

    I do hope you find some relief soon! there are many caring folk on here who will offer advice and comforting words.

    Best of luck and take care!


  • I was lucky (!!!) Enough to have my family before diagnosis but my last child was born prem aftermy ankle gave and I fell bringing him on and leading to broken ankle . Now I know my ra was already there but I didnt have to make the horrid choices u have re medication or conceiving. .. you are so brave xxxxx keep battling . A friend of mine in her fiftys was diagnosed in her twentys and had to come off meds way back then .. she has daughters and three grandkids now so sending u hugs and fertilite thoughts xxxx

  • After six years of trying to get pregnant with various tablets etc from the hospital, they said that IVF was the only answer, so I said sod it! and gave up, only to find myself pregnant six weeks later, then again eight months after the first. I think that all the stress off trying to get pregnant had a negative result, so ask for more help for the pain so that you can relax, the injection sounds a good place to start.

  • Hi Max, you poor thing! I'm sure the pain and worry aren't helping your efforts to conceive much. I don't know how you feel about complementary therapies but if you're open to them a reflexologist specialising in maternity and fertility support might be able to help you. If nothing else, it'd relax you so you had more chance of success but it might well help a bit with the pain. Reflexology is used widely in palliative care to help control pain and support wellbeing so I'm thinking it might just help you. It certainly won't hurt! If it's something you'd like to give a go I'd be happy to try and track down a suitably qualified practitioner in your area for you x

  • There are better days ahead.....intake methotrexate and hydroxy mix and some days I feel right on the mark but then I may overdo a task and go right back to nothing again.... Now I try Celebrex if I start to undertake a project before and it helps ...I also get a brain fog when I am at my worst.... Seems to go hand in hand with RA as well as low stamina..... Like they say two steps forward and one step least it is a step......

    Hope you are having a better the way i notice this site is hosted in Britain but I am living in ...Ontario Canada....there is no online sites around here.....loretta

  • thankyou for all your kind words, i hate moaning about it as it wont change anything but i think it does you good once in a while. Im going to get in touch with my rheumy on monday and see about this injection (still cant remember!) The reflexology sounds wonderful, there is a place round the corner from me so will call in there on monday too. Hopefully it will take the stress off a bit. Its just frustrating, then i panic thinking that if i struggle to get myself dressed how am i going to cope with a little person?! I sometimes think im not satisfied unless im worrying....God help me :) it is nice to be able to come on here and have people understand so thankyou all again!


  • Hi Max

    Sorry to hear your having a bad time at the mo. In 2003 I decided to come off Mtx and get pregnant. I was only off it a few weeks when I started to flare. I tried to hold off steroids but had to take them. I like you was desperate to get pregnant because I thought the quicker I get pregnant the quicker I may go into remission so I bought ovulation test kits to narrow down the fertile period. I got pregnant in 4 months and was still on hydroxychloroquine.i did not remiss. I saw an obstetrician at 12 weeks and he said take some prednisolone and be well. Healthy mum healthy baby. My son was born at 35 weeks happy and healthy and I had a normal delivery. I was totally off pred 7 months after he was born and never been on it since. My son is 9 and an absolute joy. So you could try the kits and also try some relaxation techniques meditation or reflexology. If you are really stressed out you may find it difficult to conceive. Best of luck to you and keep us posted.

    Love KiKi x x

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