So much pain

Well I don't know how much more I can take this week, I am a grown man and am reduced to tears of pain and exhaustion still working full time but no treatment everything's become a bit vague since the liver is still playing up got to stay off the mtx but my knees all the way down to my toes are throbbing like they are going to explode I swear I can hear them hum like some sub sonic echo I'm having an injection Friday in my knee not sure which is worse left or right flip a coin I suppose ,I'm so sorry to be so negative but I'm in some serious teeth gritting pain at the moment and everything seems such hard work :(

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  • Hi there nail,

    I so hope the injection (which I assume is steroids) gives you relief. I had steroid injections in both knees and it was wonderful, really. Am I right that you're only having one knee injected? Why not both? In your position I'd beg if necessary, but then that should not be necessary if you tell the Rheumy or whoever how much you are suffering.

    Hold on in there and please tell 'them' .... your GP, consultant, anyone who will listen that you are at your wits end with the pain and that you work full time. You need better pain relief .... oral steroids as well, perhaps??

    Don't apologise for being negative, you're just being real.

    All the very best to you, let us know how it goes,


  • P.S. That was meant to be 'Hi there Niall' - bloody auto spell!

  • hi neil

    im zero to and hurt in me knees hands back and arms i know its no joke but yas got to do the best you can

    i walked round the block yesterday and am paying for it this morning.

    ive lost about a stone on me but some days you feel like giving up with it.

    you have someone to give you knee injections good luck with that.

    me my doc thinks im a nutter when i tell him all the pain im in.

    rumatology where i whent dont see him again so im on me own now.

    good luck mate and hang in their

  • Niall, can't you go sick for a spell and try to get a bit better. You need to see your dr asap as i don't think you are fit for work at the moment. I am sending you hugs to help you. nothing that has been said i can't add to as i agree with all of the others.

    I wish you well. sylvi.xx

  • Hi Niall, Sylvi has some good advice there ( as do the others ). As I was reading it seems imperative that you need to rest those joints as well as getting some help from the professionals, feeling as you do you are not fit for work.

  • Thanks for all the advice guys but my pay is only ssp and i just can't afford to take time off u stumble around like I've got rickets pleased I've got jobs tommorrow how long till they work will i brought okay walking after ? Its not martyrdom its necessity :-(

  • Hi, do you mean how long till steroid injections work? I found that they didn't set me back, but I didn't get real benefit for a few days. Are you going to ask for other forms of pain relief? Perhaps if you had less pain while at work you'd have it in you to do all those sensible things that really do help when you get home e.g. gentle, regular exercise and really relaxing.

    All the best,


  • If you can't take MTX then why isn't your rheumatologist considering moving you to the anti-TNF drugs?

    Actually I probably know the answer - they are expensive, and the NHS seems to want to use them only as a last resort (which is quite unlike other countries where they recognise that early and aggressive treatment slows down or stops disability).

    But, the fact is, that they work really well for a lot of people, and if other cheaper treatment has failed, then you might need to very firmly ask your rheumatologist whether you meet the criteria for treatment such as anti-tnfs.

  • Thanks again for the info im on naproxen 250mg 4 times a day but hardly touches it when itsat its worst (last week or so)im at the emergency clinic tomorrow so not sure how muchofba consult i will get no idea what is going on with my treatment plan fingers crossed will get to talk to someone thanks again guys (i have a bit of an im an inconvenience complex)

  • Nial, you've had some good advice so far and it reminds me of my first 18 months with RA. Eventually they did get me the right painkillers, don't forget you can claim disability allowance if you go off work. I can't imagine how difficult it is having this and working, you are not negative. If you can't tell us who can you tell? Injections do help but rest is essential, any chance you can talk to your employers?

  • Don't think it matters if grown man or woman, but the pain of this disease can bring anyone to tears. It happens to all of us, so don't be macho about it. But do start asking for more help. Steroids can take a day or two to work, and the more you rest the bigger chance that they'll work so really, really try not to walk much for several hours after the injection. But also go and ask your GP about more pain relief as there are other things you can try. And get the phone number for your rheumy dept or the nurse and keep phoning till you get an appointment to talk about treatment drugs. They take a long time to work so the sooner the better. Good luck, and you're NOT an inconvenience, just a patient with RA who needs treatment. Polly

  • hi folks just read some of my previous posts and noticed all the mistakes,i do apologize i put way too much faith in predictive text lol

  • Hi Niall - don't apologise - pain is pain and you have it really badly just now. As others have said please do whatever it takes to get on top of things. It's very hard to think clearly when in pain so just plead, be frank - whatever it takes to get the necessary meds. Playing things down will get you nowhere so be brave and sock how you are feeling to them straight - look them in the eye and explain how it is whoever you see. Try and rest after the injections as they are much more likely to work if you do. Tilda x

  • naill i remember when i first got all the pain i had to take 13 weeks off work 1 night the pain went into my neck and head really bad i went to A E and told them u are my last resort i was ready to leave this world this was before i was refered and now i am on meds so much better i can walk town and back going to take up swimming again soon i only do 16 hrs a week now cause thats all i can cope with i do hope u get better soon x

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