Knee preop

I just thought I'd better log in to tell people about today's hospital visit. Briefly, it went well, I'm down for my second new knee on 8th April. they're testing one of my samples in case there's something untoward, but that will be dealt with by antibiotics if necessary and they assured me that wont delay the op.

It was yet another very positive experience of NHS Scotland. Things seemed quite normal although its the Easter holidays, but the technician I saw explained that they'd agreed to work some of the UK bank holidays in exchange for basic holidays, so she was quite happy with that. So was I, being seen quite quickly. My appointment was for 8.30 and we arrived about 30mins early and were seen pretty much immediately.

There was one of those lovely atmospheres (perhaps fueled by the distribution of easter eggs by someone on the staff ?) where people outwith the department are wanting to help. I was in a wheelchair and needed the disabled loo as we left and someone quite unconnected helped my husband to wheel me through the door and offered to wait outside for me. And another man helped me on with my jacket while I was waiting. I find that side of the NHS so wonderfl, sometmes people overcome wth kndness. My keyoard s dong somethng odd sorry.

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  • Glad it went well - roll on the 8th!

  • Yay. Roll on the op.

  • That sounds like a really positive and dare I say it almost enjoyable NHS experience.

    Best wishes for the 8th.

  • Thanks. I had first knee done the day before my birthday and the staff on the ward got me a card. It's not unusual here were very lucky

  • Fingers crossed all goes well! M x

  • Thank you so uch, it's been a long wait. Hatshepsut, how are you doing?  Xx

  • Hope the op goes well X

    My experience of NHS Scotland is outstanding.  Excellent support and a feeling of being counted and cared for. The team who look after me are simply excellent.  

  • Me too the people in Edinburgh have been great, all of them 

  • Oh Cathie it is great to hear things are moving on smoothly for you and i wish you well for your op darling.xxxxxx

  • Good to hear that things are panning out for your pending op... I hope it goes well.

    All the best


  • So happy to read of your very positive experience.  Long may it continue.  I totally agree that it makes such a huge difference.  I'll think of you on the 8th., and wish you the best possible outcome.  

    I see my knee surgeon on the 5th.  They are both agony now, bone on bone.  So,third time lucky, I hope!

    Jo xx

  • Jo I really hope so. I keep telling myself that all the checks are good but thank goodness for antibiotics! Let me know about the 5th. 

    I'm having an epidural and aspirin against blood clots. And they're most concerned that one has someone to look out for you when you get out. Though frankly I'm more steady now than I was on two wrecked knees. Still very careful though!

  • I just have to add that my personal experience at over-stretched, past-its-shelf-life, under-funded Charing Cross Hospital has been excellent.  The system is rubbish, but individually, they are a very caring bunch.  I've experienced: a senior consultant coming to my open studio, a nurse offering to lend me her mobile, a young doctor going to buy me a sandwich, a doctor emailing me X-rays of my feet because I had a notion of doing some artwork based on them.    All little examples of "beyond the call of duty" can make one's day, especially when one knows that the hospital is under threat of closure.

    I'm not trying to diminish rhe treatment you get in Scotland, Cathie.  I just feel a bit protective about poor old Charing Cross.  They do their very best.

    Jo x

  • Jo it's good to hear the positives from wherever. Especially from places like Charing X which must be pressured. 

  • Good luck with the knee op cathie,you'll be jumping around like a spring lamb before you know it.x

  • hope everything goes well on the 8th,nice touch about the edinburgh hospitality my wifes from old reekie and shes my rock,take care xxx

  • Thanks everyone. I've had so much kindness here, but am always happy to read positive stories about NHS such a precious thing 

  • All the for the 8th April. Hope it all goes well for you.

    Take care Cashiers.  Sue xx

  • Sorry tablet has mind of its own, Cathie

  • I have to say it's the same here in Ireland, our NHS is wonderful. All the best anyhow darlin and get back to us with how you are getting on. Take care XXXX. Jean.

  • Is warms my heart  people helping people. There is much kindness in this world. Yesterday my elderly mother was walking accross the street when she fell. Teenagers waiting at a nearby bus stop ran over and helped her. They called 911 and waited with her for the ambulance. :)

  • We need to remember and sometimes share this kind of experience

  • Good luck Cathie hope it goes well x 

  • Hi Cathie, best wishes for the 8th. Hope it goes well. I had my wrist fused at ERI on 10th Feb and had excellent care. I am still in plaster but hope to have it removed on 12th April. Post op has been better than I feared. The worst thing is not being able to drive.

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