Good morning everyone. I thought I would ask if anyone has had Thyroiditis linked to their RA. I've had an excruciatingly painful throat for over a week and at first my GP said it was tonsillitis, gave me penicillin and ran some blood tests . I was in so much pain I went back yesterday and he diagnosed Thyroiditis and has gave me a course of steroids. He said it's probably linked to having RA.

Anyone had this?

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  • Hi I haven't heard of  this but do have alot of sore throats and under active thyroid.  Anyway  I am not much help but just wanted to say hope you get well soon. X 

  • Hi thanks for responding and for the get well wish.  Steroids are already doing their thing so hopefully all will be well. Enjoy the Easter break X 

  • You too x 

  • That sounds like a bit of a random guess that it is thyroiditis, though any inflammation will respond to steroids, so at least the treatment is probably sensible.  If it continues, insist on being referred to gastroenterology or for an endoscopy to really see what is going on.   There is also something called eosinophilic oesophagitis that seems to go hand in hand with other autoimmune conditions, and can cause an extremely painful oesophagus.

  • Hi. Many thanks for responding. I'm going to see GP in the morning for more blood results so will find out what's going on and hopefully devise a plan of action. Take care of yourself.

  • A suggestion only P-Jay, but one you won't regret, (hopefully  ;) )

    Like many of us Thyroid patients do nowadays, ask for a printout of your bloods and their important, (don't forget these,) ranges from your Drs. receptionist or ask the Doctor yourself, then pop your blood results up onto Thyroid Uk, on here Health Unlocked, for others to help you. You might also have other deficiencies that will not be acknowledged either, such as low within range iron, vitamin D, Vitamin B12, ferritin and Folate.

    Doctors have limited knowledge on thyroid bloods and often say you are OK/fine when you still have thyroid/or other deficiency  presenting symptoms. Doctors are also not good at prescribing the correct Thyroid medication doses either and do not give vitamin advice. I and other members of my Family have had to sort ourselves out over Thyroid problems, but thanks to other members we are all now feeling far better.   

    We all have a right to our own blood results. 

  • Hi Coastwalker. I will take your suggestion on board . No results are back yet for thyroid function but I will get info on normal ranges. Have a great weekend 

  • Good for you P-jay.  

    You too have a 'good one.'  

  • I had this a few years ago had to stay in hospital 48hrs in case throat swelled to much and closed over so I couldn't breathe. Was not given any meds and was told I was unlucky to get it and it was a one off thing and would never get it again.

  • Hi. I agree with earthwitch.  I think that if you have a disease like RD people (including GPs and ourselves) tend to put everything down to the RD especially if they don't have an alternative suggestion.  You said the doc said 'probably' caused by RD. I would get a second opinion.  Good luck.

  • Thanks for responding. I'm just back from GP and my  inflammatory markers have come down but still high enough to cause concern so had another blood test! It's true that RD is sometimes seen as the cause of our health issues I will  seek a second opinion at my next appointment. I'm beginning to feel better, it must be the steroids, but now I'm  battling with a serious case of the munchies which could be the steroids or that I'm  just a greedy girl😄

  • P-jay if you have a particular dry mouth dry secretions I would ask to be tested for Sjorgens disease it is an autoimmune disorder & you would continue to see RA doc as they look after sjorgen patients good luck Yx

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