Foot pain

Hello all, it's been a long time since I wrote, but I keep up with the posts.

I had been having foot pain since Oct 25th, when I participated in a breast cancer walk and by the end I was really hobbling. I thought nothing of it & figured it would go away so I waited 2 weeks, then called the Dr & then had to wait another week to get in. Now, on Friday I found out that I have a hairline fracture in my left foot. Weird, that I got it just from walking. So, they have put me into a big black boot that I have to wear except for bed & shower. My biggest problem is that it aggravates my inside ankle. I've tried everything to cushion it but nothing is working. I suppose that I'll call & see if Paul-the cast guy can do something tomorrow.

Otherwise, I am doing ok, at least so far, as the weather hasn't gotten too cold yet.


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  • So lovely to hear from you and i am sorry to hear that you have a fracture in your foot,i know how hard it is as last year i broke my ankle and i had a non weight bearing cast and boy was that hard,so i can sympathise with your pain darling. I hope you recover from it soon. Hugs.xxxxx

  • So sorry to hear about your experience, and for doing such a good thing too. Have they checked your bones at all, it does seem strange to get a fracture just from walking?

  • I do have osteoporosis, but I walk 3 times a week with a friend so I thought my bones would be stronger from that.

  • I'm sure they are stronger with all that walking. Good luck with the healing of your foot hope it heals quickly and well.

  • Did they pick that up on x Ray or on ultrasound / mri? I've heard that some hairline fractures don't get picked up on x Ray. I only ask because I have feet problems and an x Ray showed absolutely nothing wrong, so I moaned a bit more and now they are sending me for an ultrasound for suspected mortons neuroma, but I always wondered whether I might have some hairline fractures at the root of it all.

  • by X-ray, he showed me & it was whiter on the x-ray

  • Thanks, well good luck with it. At least they have spotted the problem promptly and can do something about it

  • Have you been checked out for osteoporosis (with a DEXA scan)? My mum broke her foot a couple of times just from walking, in the early days of her osteoporosis, and then went on to do a whole lot more serious breaks as her bones crumbled away. If it is osteoporosis, then the sooner you get onto managing it the better, and the less chance of bad consequences. If you have ever taken steroids for a combined total of three months or more that can put you at risk, but also I think just having RA increases your risk.

  • Yes, I've been on a low dose of Prednisone, 5 mgs a day, for 31 years. And I do have osteoporosis, that's why I exercise & take Fosamax & calcium & Vitamin D. I don't eat right though, and I rarely cook.

  • nice to hear from you Christine, although sorry you're having problems..hope the cast man has solved the issue with it rubbing.

    At least you realise you're not eating right! First step to doing something about it and changing your ways. You don't have to cook much to eat properly, but it does take a bit of thought & organisation to change habits. Do give it a go.....

  • I'm sorry to hear you have a fracture. I broke my foot quite badly (pre RA) and couldn't tolerate the boot, so they put me in a plaster cast. I healed perfectly in that, although there are some downsides to a plaster of course.

    Wish you all the best.

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