Oh well today i have dislocated 2 two's on my left foot, boo hoo, and this is gonna make you laugh, I did it walking into an exercise bike!! and no i wasn't using it, i was actually doing a bit of ironing, turned round and bang, straight into the foot of the exercise bike, i now have 2 very large funny shaped toes and they have turned a lovely colour!! lol.........going to be interesting trying to get my shoes on for work on Wednesday!!! ooooopppppssssss!!!!!!!!!

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  • Aston you need to get it looked at,either at your doctors or hospital especially as you have ra.


  • Does anyone ever actually use their exercise bike. Mine was used as an excellent clothes horse until I gave it to my daughter. Your poor toe! You round very brave about it :-)

  • Hope you get it looked at, as an orthopaedic nurse, I know only too well, how easy it is not only to dislocate little joints, but also to break the bones without even realising it. The little bones of the foot are tough but they are quite fragile and easily crack. Hope you don't have that problem and hope your poor toes mend soon xx

  • Sounds as if you should give up ironing! Hope it improves quick. Polly

  • Sorry but I'm rolling around the floor laughing !!!

    I love things like you've been framed and this appeals to my sick sense of humour xx

    My exercise bike is a lovely ornament in the side of the conservatory and not used much for exercise at present, it has the same amount of dust on it as the wine!!lol

    No but really, hope you ok, I'm sure its sore, you brave thing :) Axx

  • Ha ha, its fine i had to laugh too, im never ironing again! n its an exercise bike clothes horse. lol

  • Ouch indeed glad I never got an exercise bike more than ever now?!

    My OH has come back from Devon with a very swollen right foot - he also stubbed two of his toes and dislocated one so it was at right angles with the rest of his foot on the morning his dad died. it's very swollen now and it hurts him. He's a naturally stoical man (no really, he is he never goes to the doctor and always plays down pain or sickness like mad - unusually for a man!) so he thinks that it's not worth bothering the doctor as there's nothing they can do. But it's a week and a half after he did it - what do you reckon Aston - are you going to just put up with it or will you get it checked out? He doesn't have RA of course but I've told him just the once (don't want to tease him too much!) that he's having a taste of what life's like with RA but only in one place at one time at least!

    Tilda x

  • i've got an appointment with my rhuemy nurse tomorrow so i will get her to have a look at it. Hope OH isn't suffering too much.... igot an ice pack straight on it, which has helped with the swelling, but it is a bit of a funny shape, my OH has nagged me to get it looked at, not sure what can be done of dislocated toes mind!!!

  • No that's what my OH says about his too and I guess he's right. Was going to ask the GP this morning but time wasn't on my side as it was. Our freezer has been broken since before Xmas so no icepacks here! TTx

  • Having broken several toes, several times over many years by either walking in to a door frame, or mis placing my foot when going up stairs, I know how painful broken toes can be. Most hospitals wont do anything for broken toes; some may strap it to the next one for company but more often than not, they just let it heal slowly. Every time I do it, I think 'not again'. My eyesight is good but balance poor so I now go slowly.

    Let us know hoe you get on.


  • Well iv seen my nurse and my ortho consultant, n they both said they wont do anything with my toes but will keep an eye on thew n to just keep putting icepack on them. My nurse told me to get some arnica cream for the bruising.

  • oh dear take care xx

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