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Injection in trigger thumb

Hi everone,hope your getting over the pains with the bad weather, I have been today to the hospital for the thumb that jumps. Well had an xray and the trouble is down at the wrist. It is either wear and tear or arthritis. Chicken me asked was she going to freeze it she said yes. (I meant my skin) anyway had an injection into just under the knuckle where there is a bone sticking out. I thought you said it did not hurt. The nurse was telling me to breathe in deeply (like when in labour) it started my thumb jumping like a mexican hat dance.

Never asked if it had a steroid in it, but go back in 8 weeks. It seems to have settled in the bent thumb position. No jumping though. Hope it stays good no pain.

Hope all of you are keeping well God Bless.

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It's not clear but if you had an injection that wouldn't just be a local anaesthetic I wouldn't think. When I had an injection for trigger finger the anaesthetic is injected first followed by the steroid. It's not pleasant but it's soon over & if you've had a positive reaction it's worth the discomfort, I think anyway! Before the injection mine was in flexion but it released a couple of days later, hopefully yours will release too.


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