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Mind over matter

Just over a week ago I went to see my local specialist, my nurse had written to him requesting to see me as I was not having much luck with the various dmards. I have seen him before and always feel that he has got a short attention span, maybe got adhd something like that. After asking how I was, he told me that it was unusual to react badly to 3 lots of dmards, and he thought it was mind over matter!!! When I stopped him right there, he told me that I misunderstood what he was saying, and that I was expecting them to fail before I had tried them. I was quite incredulous that a man who barely knows me and is a specialist would come out with such mumbo jumbo. I am still trying to think what to do next. He has put me on yet another dmard, a gentle one he told me (hydroxychloroquine). When on mtx, I always got bad blood test results and in the end it affected my breathing, with leflunomide I lost a huge amount of hair and weight. He told me that he didn't think the breathing was anything to do with the medication that was just me, strange as I got better very quickly once I came off it. I am at a loss as what to do with this kind of treatment, it doesn't give me much hope that I am being taken seriously. Meanwhile I continue to hobble around with elephant knees and must add that I am the least likely person to say such a thing to, I have tried all manner of things (as we all do) to try and help with the RA, and am open to all suggestions.

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It's as if they don't believe the patients sometimes,I mean your not going t say your in pain when your not. I was the same I've tried 3 dwarfs now in the last 2 years, I've got worse , can't work, need a stick because off balance and lack of mobility and last week I needed 8 injections to get me buy, the doctor who I seen couldn't believe that my normal Reyna had left things so long and that was me supposedly getting better, so the damage is already done , just waiting to go on Biologics but so far not very impressed with my Rheumy and I won't be taking any more flannel of her

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Sorry about some of spelling fingers sore today


Good. I had never heard of 3 dwarfs (which in any case would be dwarves!) being effective. That WOULD be alternative medicine.


I can completely empathise with this. My list of severe drug allergies, including pancreatitis and anaphylaxis, has been reduced to a list on my medical records. This list makes me appear to be someone who is just a bit sniffy and won't just put up with a touch of nausea, a bit of grumpiness or a little facial rash. It's a horrible feeling. A reknowned rheumatologist told me that he never gives up on patients because of their intollerences - but mine have both given up on me. Good job my RA has too for now! Hang in there - I hope the Hydroxy works wonders for you as it does for many lupus sufferers and some on here with RA too. X


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