Meltdown mode

On Sunday I was feeling extremely low and fed up of being in pain , then I get a phone call from my rheumatologist ( yes on a Sunday , I'd phoned him 9 days before as sat in a&e for two hours to be told they can't help me need a specialist as I'd ceased up ) so he says can I help , well what can I say I hit the roof ,🙈. Never on my life would I ever yell at a professional but boy did I yell at this guy . I had for ro the point where I really didn't care of the consequences that followed . I live in severe pain daily all the ra drugs have terrible side effects so what could be worse than all this . I told him exactly how I felt and how disgusted I was at being made to feel like an inconvenience or burden , did he really think I have nothing better to do with my time . If I could find any other way of sorting the ra out I would but everyone always says YOU NEED TO SEE THE SPECIALIST AS WE CANT HELP YOU !. So yes I shot both barrels at him . Feel a bit of a fool now but so pissed off as being fobbed off , I want to get back to being the old me as best I can . Does anyone else feel like this too ??

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  • Bless you .l think we can all agree to feeling like that many times.frustration pain and tiredness.will do it .sometimes we feel like we are on a roundabout .we feel depressed. Let down.and it feels like no one cares.i can hold my hand up and say had some really low points .and come online kicking and screaming. and lovely people here understand and you can talk your problems through.and you do feel a fool after .but thats the nature of r/a . It can bring you to a very low point. But sometimes thats what we need to get us up again .talk to your doctor .take a deeo breath .explain how you feel.

    be tough.

    Bet you feel better for shouting .take care love .xx

  • Thank you for your kind words , they really do help xx

  • Oh yes!

    What was the outcome? Did doc say anything useful, or offer another treatment?

    I shout at a lot of trees. I'm well known for it!

  • The out one was I'll see you in October , which doesn't help now . So yes fobbed off yet again . 😡😡

  • I think we all feel like we want our old self back again,but it is what it is and we have to get on with it. I so feel for you and it doesn't sometimes if they get it in both barrels they need to know how your feeling darling s don't beat yourself up for letting rip at him.xxxxx

  • Thank you for your kind words it means a lot xx

  • Did he not at least offer you a steroid jab to try to ease the pain a little?


  • Nope see you in October , my appointment is not till the 12th . Great help !!

  • and just as I thought I things would get a little better now the washing machine has packed up 😩😩😩😩

  • Make an appointment with your GP, ask for a steroid injection to get you through to October. It's inhumane to be left in such pain & coping with side effects (you don't say which or the meds you're on but if nausea's one ask if an antiemetic can be prescribed. Alternatively can you present yourself at where your Rheumy nurses are based?

  • Tried that only a specialist can give a steroid injection , luckily I missed the nausea , hands and elbows keep seizing up like day one so obviously not on the right doseage of ra drugs .

  • Try bathing in Epsom Salts, or just your hands if getting into a bath is difficult, that can help seized joints. Hot or cold can help too, I'd be in a mess without my electric foot warmer & heated blanket. Anything you can do to help yourself at this time is worth a shot.

    Can your GP not even prescribe an NSAID for you?

  • Hi Sweetheart,

    I am so sorry that you are feeling so much pain and are being left so long. It isn't right. I hope one of the links below can help:

    Hope you feel better soon

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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