Storm Imogen

Storm Imogen

Wow what a day yesterday i had. I got up aching in places i had forgot about. My knees,eyes,hands and back hurt like hell. Hubby took me out to the shops if only to get some fresh air. When i got home i sat down and didn't move for the rest of the day. After lunch i put my pjs on and went for a bath at six and stayed up there watching tv. I couldn't do my colouring in very well either as my hands hurt,so i put my gloves on that the hospital gave me and kept them on all night. Yesterday was one of the worst days i have had for a long time.

This morning i feel brighter than i did yesterday and anything that is better than yesterday. I feel brighter than yesterday as well. I still have some pain in my back and knees,but those i can cope with. I feel i can smile this morning. Hugs to you all.xxxxx

PS....... this is flowering now in my garden.xxxxxx

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  • It's beautiful Sylvi, sorry to hear you had such a bad day yesterday. Although we had strong winds here,it was nothing compared to other places that I saw on the news. Hope you have a much better day.

  • That's horrible isn't it - just think though you've lost all that weight so your body isn't having to carry it around - what's more odd is that I'm exactly like you - hurting in all the old places too - first time in ages and so tired these last two days. It must be because we've had horrid weather for so long. I'm like you - the bath is my best friend when I feel like that. Our water board has caught up with us and our street is just about to go onto water meters :(

    Hope you feel much brighter soon - we will just have to visualise being somewhere pleasantly warm, strolling under palm trees on a pure white beach with the sound of the sea lapping on the beach in the background.

  • Morning Sylvi,

    Glad your feeling better today. I live on the south coast and the weather is a lot better here today just very wet. The winds were so bad on Sunday evening I was quite worried about damage to the house but luckily we didn't get any damage. Next door had damage to their satellite dish,it was hanging off it's fitting. We can see Newhaven harbour from near where we live ,and the waves were really high as they were crashing into the lighthouse. It was quite a sight.

    It is very promising to see the buds coming on the trees. I love your photo

    very bright and cheerful. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and dry,so fingers crossed.

    I am dosed up on Tramodol at the moment,and very pleased that on Thursday I will see the consultant. I saw my dr yesterday who was lovely. He has signed me off of work this week and if I need to next week . I just worry that I will lose my job when I have to take time off.

    Anyway ,have a lovely day and take care .


    Jane xxxx

  • Wonderful flower

  • Beautiful camellia Sylvi,mine is full of buds,pink like yours.albino squirrel around, just can't manage to get a photo of him,he's so fast.hope you feel better soonxx

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