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I wonder if anyone has any experiences of being on Simponi. I had my first injection on 11 January. The next day I felt very very tired and this went on. I kind of expected it having been on humira and enbrel before. I carried on having this fatigue and finding that if I exerted myself, by that I mean just getting up and getting my 10 yr old ready for school or walking a few yards up the road with the dog, I was left feeling so fatigued I had to go and lie down to rest. I have also felt unwell as though I'm coming down with something. My joints are less painful. I have been affected by depression and anxiety in the last two years. I became more ill two years ago and have had problems with side effects from the drugs I've tried. I found that enbrel and Humira both helped the RA but I had potentially serious side effects so had to stop them. I felt so much better from the RA on both more energy. But with Simponi even though it seems to be helping pain and stiffness I just don't feel well, dehydrated very thirsty and now a sore throat. The thing I am most worried about is how depressed I feel. Last week I felt worse and worse. I eventually spoke to the nurse at the health care company. She said depression was a common side effect and the fatigue. It should improve. It hasn't really reassured me knowing that. I have started to get hives again which is what led to me having to stop

Enbrel. I can cope with itchyness if it doesn't get too bad but this awful feeling of depression is another thing. I had blood tests last week to check things out don't know results yet. I am on an anti depressant already. If depression is caused by or added to by a drug, can an antidepressant help. I've been on mine for ages and it was increased a year ago. any thoughts welcome thanks for listening. I hope some people are feeling better with any treatment they are having.

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What a shame, you must be feeling dreadful. Might be an idea to see your gp, if the depression is worsening it needs addressing. If you have a patient information leaflet for simponi, take it with you, if not you should be able to download one from the internet.

I do wish we all got more joined up care, prescribing this to someone already suffering from depression should mean careful monitoring. It would have been so useful if you had been told this was a possible side effect, you might have been more prepared.

Don't be hesitant to ask for help, depression and fatigue are a dreadful combination, I struggle with both

Do keep in touch, hope things improve soon

Best wishes, Mavis x


Hi I have been on this medication for the last two years. I didn't feel the depression nor was I depressed before starting it. But the fatigue I certainly felt. So I had a blood test which showed my levels where extremely low so was put on iron tablets three times a day. Which for me sorted the problem out. I never knew it could cause depression until reading your blog. Sadly I had an op in November and had to come off it. But worth chasing your blood results and asking for a break down as it could be something simple. Also i never felt the benift of the drug until being on the for 6 mths. I hope you feel a little better soon. As this illness is depressing enough.


Meant to say iron levels where extremely low.


Thank you both for your replies. Saw my GP I am going to change my anti depressant and also delay my second injection for a bit to see if my mood lifts. hope you both are doing ok at the moment.


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