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Voice Hoarseness and sore throat

Hi all,

Happy to be in touch with you again.

I have good news and bad news:

the good news is that I almost have no symptoms of my RA( no swelling, no pain and stiffness). This happened after I changed my doctor who amazingly adjusted my dose of MTX and cancelled Plaquenil. Since then I have been doing very well.

the bad news is that I travelled to Amsterdam for a week since then I have a sore throat, then nasal cavity dryness and over night I lost my voice :(

This is actually the tragic part. I am a teacher, and I obviously can't produce a sound, I am almost whispering. It came back gradually yesterday night, over night again I lost it :(

Is this related some how to the RA? or it is just a virus I caught while being on plane of abroad, or is it a bad cold because of weather change.

What do you think and recommend? I am very worried that I might lose my voice and my job :(

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Hi, so glad you're going so well. That's great news. I know I'm not a medic but I should think what you've got is a virus as there are a few around. I had the throat one, with the voice problem myself . Thankfully it didn't last too long and I avoided antibiotics. Best wishes.

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I've had bad throats after travelling, drink plenty and if it doesn't clear up see the GP . If you have a temperature too then go ASAP .

Glad the RA is controlled well done . Xxx

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Hiya Hala. Glad to hear you're doing well & pleased to hear of someone else doing better on MTX mono therapy when double therapy with HCQ didn't work!

I've no straight answer for your problems but consider what you've been doing & the many people you've been in contact with. I regularly came down with something after I'd taken a flight anywhere & I put it down to being in close proximity to people harbouring bugs & the recirculated air in the aircraft. I was once told not choose an an aisle seat because of other passengers passing you but that made no difference. Since my f-i-l had a bad experience with contaminated ice on a long haul trip we also avoid it in our drinks. I've not flown in a few years, neither have I had a really bad cold, could be I've been lucky or purely coincidental. When I lived abroad often people who came over to stay often gave us the unwanted gift of a cold!

Have you tried making a soothing drink with honey & lemon? That really soothes the throat & eases phlegm. I use Manuka honey as it has antibacterial qualities & fresh lemon because because we always have fresh lemons in!

I hope you get better soon but if you don't do see your GP. x

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