At last! flare has finally abated

Probably shouldn't say anything as I don't want to tempt fate, but after around 6 weeks of absolute hell I actually managed to take a shower by myself last night and to go out for a coffee with friends...used to be for a few pints but times have changed. ;) I'm still not in a good place, but not having to ask my wife to do simple little things for me does feel good. I know things can quickly go into reverse but I'm just thankful for a little respite. Things started to ease 4 days ago and long may it run!...........................................

After being given the rundown and discussing my concerns about going on abatacept with the rheumy nurse, I'm still undecided about starting it. She said they would still carry on going ahead with things and if I so wish, providing my latest bloods are ok, it should be good to go in a couple of weeks time. After my 9 month break from all immune suppressants I took my 3rd 10mg dose of mtx last night. Plans are for me to come off mtx if and when the abatacept kicks in. Not sure what will happen if I don't go on abatacept though as my recent chest x-ray showed increased markings on my lungs which rheumy think might be RA related. Please don't respond trying to enlighten me as to what disease this could be as I'd rather not know, and have reverted back to my manly 'head firmly stuck in the sand' mode with this one as I've got enough to contend with as it is. Bit of a cowardly way to handle it I know, but that's how I prefer it.

Regarding my skin infection, I had a dermatology appointment yesterday - how quick was that!! The lovely young lady dermatologist thinks the infection might be caused by bacteria creeping out of my nose, which is no surprise given the size of my conk! So she's given me a prescription for something to stick up my nose 4 times a day along with others for a topical antibiotic, which she wants to try first rather than going on long term oral tabs, and an anti-bacterial wash to go with the one I've already got. Also, a swab kit to take a sample for culture when I can. Good thing is she thinks it's very unlikely for this type of infection will turn into anything serious.

Think that's about it for now folks.

take care

edit....forgot to add that rheumies ordered a ct scan of my lungs, so looks like I won't be able to avoid finding out what's wrong for much longer. The nurse did say what the condition is but I was taken aback by the news, plus seeing the x-rays which didn't look great, so it didn't sink in.

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  • Sending you hugs.xxxxx

  • Could do with a few hugs, thanks sylvi.

    Off for a kip now as I've been up since 5.

  • That's quite a bit more upbeat Wishy. It's lovely having a feeling of independence, however little, when you're able to do something you've relied upon your partner to do for a while. I had to shower on my own for the first time in ages & whilst I still can't do my shoulders & back I did manage to do my legs after letting the warm water soothe my back. Any bit of self help is an achievement & hopefully the MTX will continue to give you that, for however long you take it. I'm sure your wife is happy however less she needs to help you, it's a sign of some improvement.

    I hope whatever it is you're sticking up your ample shnozz does the job! x ;)

  • Well, it was a bit of a struggle and I must admit that there were a few parts of my body that I couldn't reach. I managed my 6 pack ok though, so that's an achievement for sure. ;) I always preferred having a good soak in the bath but them days are long gone. Hopefully they may return if all goes according to plan.

  • Had to smile at your head stuck in the sand comment ..know what you mean! These lovely people here try to help too much sometimes ..ignorance is bliss !!

    Have a good day.

  • Seems like I'm not the only coward here then! :)

  • I totally understand the head in the sand thing, but then there's the other part of me that is so nosy I can't stand not knowing something! LOL! But sometimes I just have to shake my head and say "not one more thing". I hope your CT scan gives you good news and not bad, and that you continue to feel better! Hugs to you!

  • Hugs much appreciated carotopgal, fingers crossed I don't need more after the scan.

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