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After the earlier post about Boots an pharmacy in general asking about blood tests I was just wondering where you get these books and who fills them in? When I lived in Wolverhampton the hospital gave me a book. I would take it to the rheumy blood clinic. They would take my blood and fill in results from the previous one. Since moving to Leicester about 6 years ago no book. The hospital blood clinic is a general one. They just take blood and send results to the doctors. Or so I'm told. Every time I want the results I have to go into the doctors and ask and just told by the receptionist "oh they are fine, doctor will contact you if not". They are always too busy to print them out so filling a book in - no chance! I only see my results every 6months when I go to hospital for my rheumy appointment.

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  • I've never seen my results ! They tell me if something is unusual and I'm happy with that.

  • I've only had a Blood Test book since I changed GP surgeries to one with a specialist RA doctor as the surgery does the tests now. Prior to that the blood tests were done at the hospital and they didn't provide me with the results, just said they were OK. As far as I was aware they didn't send them to the GP surgery either.

  • One of the doctors at my surgery also works at the hospital and part of the team working under my named consultant ( never seen him - the consultant that is). Didn't know til I had my consult with her one day. She said any problems get an appointment with her. That's easier said than done! I used to have my bloods done at the GP then they stopped doing them. They wanted me to take 2 buses to a clinic or go to the walk in one at the Glenfield Hospital. That's only 10minutes walk down the road so I go there. Have them done every 8 weeks.

  • My Boots pharmacist gave me my first book, and I printed off extra sheets as I needed online link here

    However I now get a blood book from the hospital that either nurse or I fill in, as I find it very helpful to keep track of the results myself. I like to know personally, and be sure that things are in order. Usually the hospital copies to the GP (as the GP shouldn't prescribe repeats without seeing them) and I can get a print out from them for 10p. Otherwise I wait until I next go into the hospital and get print outs there.

  • I like to see results too. I used to be happier having my blood book before I moved. The nurses explained what each test was and what the readings should be. My GP does make sure I've got up to date bloods before prescribing MTX.

  • I have a treatment book that was supplied by the hospital because I am on methotrexate, also Humiria. The book is actually Called Methotrexate treatmentmonitoring and dosage record booklet and it is purple. I have my bloods taken at my gps and the results go to the hospital but my gp nurse fills it in every month. I get my mtx from a co-op pharmacy and they have asked to see it.

  • hi, this is a topic of conversation. I was given my book by the clinical nurse at the hospital when i was first put on MTX. I had my blood test once a month for years. Then the consultant change it to every 8 weeks. Suited me fine, then she put me on the MTX pens and it stayed every 8 weeks. The blood test is done at the GP mainly but if the consultant wants different tests then i put the two test together. When i go in the GPs next time the person who takes my blood also fills in the book.

    I think its a bit hit and miss to whether you get books. My neighbour has had RA for years a lot longer then me and on MTX and has never had a monitoring blood book.

    Sending you all hugs my hands are now very painfull with typing. XXX


  • Thank you for the hugs. Hugs back. Know all about painful hands. x

  • Hi Shelley,

    I live in Leicestershire and was given a monitoring book by the Dr who diagnosed RA and put me on MTX. I access my results (done at GP surgery each month) via Pantient Access and put them in my book. But when the rheumy clinic do bloods I don't get them and they don't show up on my patient access page so I ask for them when I go to the clinic - I prefer ready access to my results as it helps me understand my condition and what is going on for me.

    All the best


  • My GP has something called System Online. I use it to order my prescription. That was all you could do on it at first, then they added a part to book your own appointment with certain Doctors. Now I notice they have added a page to view test results but need to request access to those so might go and ask about it tomorrow.

  • Hiya Shelley. Mine was given to me when I first saw a Rheumy here in the UK. One of the Practice nurses at my Surgery takes my monthly bloods & fills in results a month in arrears. It's she who also contacts me within a couple of days if anything untoward range-wise comes back & I then see my GP who arranges an urgent appointment if necessary.

    Quite different to what I was used to in Spain. There I had 3 monthly bloods, whichever meds I was on, 30 odd were taken at the hospital I attended the week prior to my appointment. My Consultant had them printed off along with my notes & those asterisked (out of range) were discussed & treatment amended if necessary. I was given a copy of each bloods report for my file. I had a direct mobile number for my Consultant, not that I ever needed to call him/her. My GP had no dealing with my RD treatment but did supply my rescripts.

    Hope this helps?

  • I'm going to see if the GP will start doing my bloods again. They are dragging everyone over 45 in for cholesterol and diabetes blood tests. They got me before Xmas and the phlebotomist said she and some others go round all the surgeries on the area weekly now doing all sorts of blood tests.

  • I am now on my 4th book. I get them from my rheumy nurse at the hospital or my GP. I have my bloods done at the surgery and always go down 3 days later and get a printout of the results. I like to know exactly what is going on. I'm not prepared to accept being told 'results are fine'. I want to be able to monitor them myself.

  • I have had 2 of the purple books but at my last Rheumy appt asking for a new one, was told they no longer issue them as they have all the blood tests online, so they are no longer necessary. So much for patient partnership! I can't see them and as others have pointed out, It is a way of us keeping track of our condition. Thank you to whoever put a link to the booklet , I intend to print some pages out and continue to ask for it to be filled out when I get my bloods done at my GP. Will be helpful for those not infrequent occasions at the hospital when the computer isn't working.

    Incidentally, I am registered with my GP to get texts to say my bloods are ok, but never get them. Each time I ask am told, yes, you are on the system. It ought to be so simple shouldn't it?

  • I was given a book for recording tests, but the surgery where I have my tests keep a separate card with them on - I have to ask for a photocopy of this if I want to fill in the booklet, so I don't bother. I grab the card and look to see what they were last time and trust that they will contact me between if there is a problem. To be fair - they always have, including "Are you feeling all right? Can you come in again tomorrow for another test as we're a bit worried about you!"

  • I have had 18 blood tests only 2 were put in my book, so don't bother to take it anymore as they can see them on-line.

  • When I worked in a GP surgery, until a couple of years ago, the admin staff used to fill them in for patients. It takes a while to check and transcribe the results so it's not really something that can be done during clinic time while you wait. The hospital usually give the books out.

  • The hospital clinic I went to when I lived in Wolverhampton used to fill them in while patient waited. They told us never to leave books at GPs because they loose them. My mom still lives there and GP staff lost her book twice.

  • hello shelley, im sorry to hear you have RA i dont know if thats what I have or fibromyalgia! i was reading yr hobbies and you sound just like myself i do enjoy card making for charity and gardening (but not the heavy work) I like knitting but not for long as my right shoulder gives me a lot of pain. wishing you well warm hugs

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