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Call from GP

I had a call from my GP this week asking me to have a blood test before they will prescribe MXT. I explained to them that have had a blood every 2 weeks since September for the hospital. I always complete the section on blood request form to send copy to GP but this isn't happening.

I am under a Rhuematlogy unit which is not my local hospital. Wasn't my choice it's how the referral went. I asked the Rhuematlogy department I'm under if they can send my results to my GP for their records. Again this isn't happening either.

The last time I had a 1-2-1 in July (not a review) to start MXT injection I ask for my results which they gave to me and I gave these results to my GP.

IAbout 2 weeks ago I asked receptionist if they had received any more results from the hospital. Last one they had was July the one I had given to them. I asked If they can chase them up as I knew GP would like them before I saw them later in the day. The answer was I need to have the blood test at my local hospital and they will receive them which i have had in the past and looking back I had a blood in September at my local hospital.

The conversation ended for me to collect a blood form from my GP. I did explain I was having a blood that day as arranged by appointment for end of day as I work at my local hospital. Let's see if what they told me is right the should receive them.

What I have noticed as I usually book my blood test appointments on line that I may start to receive my results on line soon. Not sure when this will start.

Sorry for the long winded status but I've one Weeks MXT left.

Hope you have a good I'm certainly noticing the cold damp days now.


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Morning Matilda,

That seems madness! I, like you, have to write my local gp's address on the hospital blood forms.

My problem from the gp was that the hospital were slow in sending a 'shared care' agreement through. This allows my gp to dispense my metoject pens. Numerous phone calls later they sent it through. What a pain! I always get a coloured form from the hospital to hand in at my gp's surgery if they dispense any drugs.

And yes, I agree that these cold days are difficult but for me, at least the sun's out 😎


I have noticed just recently a tightening up of attitudes towards blood tests and DMARDs - perhaps they has been a circular! First the pharmacist asked if I had had a blood test before handing over the tablets. Then the following time, I find that the system in the GP surgery has changed so that I can no longer get the blood test and the prescription on the same day, but have to go back again to collect the prescription. And no, I can't get it sent to the pharmacy as they have no more capacity for that. So an extra two visits required - and I can't order the DMARD on line either as it isn't with all the other stuff I take. I understand the caution, no OK blood test, no prescription, but it's becoming something around which I have to plan everything else.


Dear Oldtimer

Working in the NHS I can see how it's going down slowly but surely. No money. It's not going to be long that 3 separate large hospitals mid and South Essex will be joining up.

Therefore it may become a seamless service for me hopefully

Have a lovely Sunday



Morning Matilda_1922

I have a similar issue with mine.

I don't know if your surgery and rheumatology unit are in different counties but what happens with mine is this.

My surgery is in Powys.They send their blood samples to Bronglais hospital in Ceredigion for testing and my rheumatology and renal unit are in Shropshire.Each time I visit rheumy or renal clinic I take a paper copy of last blood results to each of them.

This always seems a very archaic practice to me but they don't all seem to be able to read from the same computer system which would make far more sense,more efficient and less chance of any errors.

I hope that your new online system will bring improvements for you in receiving your results.

Cold damp days have certainly made themselves known now,my joints are telling me they have well and truly arrived.

Have a good day and take care.




I too had an odd situation when I gave my 8 weekly blood tests at my local clinic (where I have been having it done for last 5 years). Handed over form as usual and the phlebotomist huffed and said 'oh, your not on ice'!. So I replied 'why? Am I dead and no ones told me'! Don't think she appreciated my s.o.h. And maybe not a good thing to say to someone who was just about to stick a needle in me! But anyway, she huffed some more and said she would have to write out the labels herself instead of printing them. Oh dear, such hard work I thought😏. Apparently I.C.E stands for Integrated Clinical Environment. So all tests are on a central computer system which can be seen by health care professionals you go to. But when I checked with my rheumy who I had an appointed with that week, I AM on ICE, even though I'm still not dead😉. So he didn't know what happened and he and my GP got my test results as usual.

So there we go. Try asking your GP, rheumy, blood testers etc if they are on the new ICE system. It's not country wide yet so maybe your not, but they are rolling it out across the country to prevent problems such as yours.

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Hi dtec

Thank you for your reply

The receptionist at my GP said the system was changing over soon so maybe you this is the same as ICE that you mentioned They told that I must have my blood test at my local hospital who have gone over to a private company a while which is the same as the hospital I'm under for my RA.

I don't want to change Rheumatilogist as I am new to RA and heard the Rhuematlogy department in my local hospital are worse than one I'm with and they sort of know me.


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There is bit of an issue around here with blood tests as GP's get paid for doing them but often don't. A GP can access the hospital tests by phone and yet they often don't. I've just had a problem and my consultant has written on the forms (all 3 for the next 6 months) to copy GP otherwise its a ridiculous amount of tests and as I'm prone to clotting and had thrombosis in both arms its considered advisable that the local hospital do them. But my GP don't like it !! probably because he looses out financially. He said that as they are responsible for the repeat prescriptions they do the tests it was consultant who said its money.

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Hi Medway-lady

Thank you

I know GPs are paid £100 per test therefore it's all down to money and more blood being taken from me together with the inconvenience when I don't like having blood tests.



If a GP gets £100 per blood test .....with only 5 mins allocated per test that's £1200 per hour ......with only one phlebotomist working 15 hours per week that's £18,000 per week isn't it? (maths is it my best subject!) Per year that would be almost £1million! Bet she doesn't get paid that!

Nice work if you can get it Whoever negotiated that price needs a medal....but I bet the fees GP's charge the NHS are a closely guarded secret?


No I'm sure they don't. I


Are you in Essex Matilda? In my area we have a community hospital visited by staff from three different hospital groups. The blood test / prescription thing is a nightmare & has been for years. My GP claims he can't seethe tests or x rays on his computer but the Rheum nurses insist he "should" be able to. In the past I've collected test forms from both GP & Rheum & taken them when I've had blood drawn. It seems the only way to make sure that both get the results. The same applies to X-rays, MRI etc. And my GP flat out refuses to dispense MTX pens so I now get those direct from hospital (which has the benefit of being charge free😀)


I'm in Essex but south which serves 2 hospital trusts. I'm in the middle of them both although in the area for the one I work at. But not too concerned I'm under the out of area.

I've managed to obtain the 4 last blood results so hopefully will be ok.

When I next see the Rhuematology nurse will explain my concerns to them which is in December now if not cancelled.

Have a good day


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