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I attend my local Ortho unit regularly, most recently for Hydrotherapy. Every time I go in, I am always slightly annoyed that on all the posters, covering nearly every orthopaedic condition, I have never seen a poster for Psoriatic Arthritis.

There seems to be a significant lack of information posters covering Psoriatic Arthritis, and it is not that rare. Can anyone point me towards one, so I can share it with my Ortho team.


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  • There are some really good spondyloarthritis posters from the National Ankylosing Spondylitis society - you can download from their website ("Have you got the S-factor?" etc). You might be able to get something specifically for PsA from I know I get really annoyed that there isn't more information on public display about spondyloarthritis - particularly as I think a lot of folk get brushed off by their GPs as being osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia when initial blood tests show they are seronegative for RA.

  • It's odd isn't it? And slightly worrying. 'They' (the scientists or whatever) keep upping the percentage of people with psoriasis who may be expected to develop PsA, I think it's currently at about 30%, yet only 3 or 4 years ago somewhere between 15 to 20% was the statistic I'd see most often. And loads of people have psoriasis. So doctors especially do need to be very aware of the signs and symptoms. But seems they still aren't.

    If all else fails we'll make our own poster eh? We could pool our ideas.

  • Hi

    Sometime ago while taking someone for an appointment I saw a poster ..... Not large ...... in our local hospital dermatology clinic about the signs and symptoms of PsA. I had never heard of it before and it caught my attention.

    May be dermatology is the route for that sort of information.? Just a thought.

    Best wishes BG

  • The raising awareness week for psoriatic arthritis ran in November 2015 and for that the psoriasis association did a series of posters.

    The campaign page with posters and info clips is still active here, and you can download the posters as pdfs

  • Thanks everyone for your advice. the Psoriatic Association is currently the best, however I will be making further enquireies about something more specific. I feel I was miss diagnosed because no one knew about PsA.

  • Hi Mark,

    I've just been to the GP about an ear infection. I saw a trainee doctor & we had a bit of a wait for her supervisor during which we talked about PsA. She said 'oh, that's quite rare isn't it?' I thought 'hmmm'! But she also told me that in her last placement a patient with PsA had been invited in to talk to new doctors about PsA and she agreed with me that awareness of the disease is much greater now amongst medical professionals than it was even a few years ago. The good thing is that they tend to find it 'interesting', just like I do when it's not bugging me too much! And that's all to the good from our point of view!

  • Me too, Mark.

  • When I was diagnosed, I looked for a poster to share with my FB friends. I found the Psoriasis Association's ones, but I also liked this one... Though I don't know who produced it, and I'm not sure about a couple of the figures:

    Postle, I think doing our own is a good idea. I'd be up for that!

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