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New diagnosis. ..Psoriatic arthritis

In October last year I was given a diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis connected with previous bowel condition. Yesterday different rheumatologist spotted a tiny patch of scaly skin on my elbow which I have had years and I now have diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis

Been on sulfasalazine been on sulfasalazine 6 months which has now stopped and have been given the option of trying leflunomide which make compromise my immune system are you make me more prone to infections I already have and immune suppression. Have lots of aches and pains m all over but the worst thing to deal,with is my sausage fingers. Anyone else with this condition. ...would love to hear from you

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I have ankylosing spondylitis which is another one of the Spondyloarthritis group of inflammatory arthritis that includes Psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis etc. I find that the NRAS forum is really good for general support and anything to do with NHS, but for far more specific information about spondyloarthritis I use both the KickAS and the Spondylitis Society of America forums - which are international forums that have a lot of really knowledgeable folk contributing to.


Hello there,

I have PsA too. I'd give Leflunomide a go. When you say you have immune suppression, do you mean you have another condition?

One reason for trying a second DMARD is that the NICE protocols specify that people with PsA should be able to apply for biologic treatment if they 'fail' 2 DMARDs, assuming they meet the other criteria. And the biologics are, in my view, the smartest drugs for PsA.

I didn't like Leflunomide much, it made me lose a lot of weight and I just felt unusually nervy. I guess that wasn't too bad in the scheme of things. There again I've always felt great on Methotrexate while others get unpleasant side effects from it ..... there really is no knowing in advance what will or won't suit you till you try.

Sorry to hear of this diagnosis. My PsA has responded so well to treatment I can hardly believe it! I still have occasional bad times but overall it has really taken a back seat after being disabling and indeed overwhelming at first. I think the firmer the diagnosis the better. I hope things go very well for you.

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Thanks for advice. I have long list if conditions including IgA deficiency and bronchiectasis Prone to sinusitis too

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Yes I have psoriatic arthritis. I have a lot of pain.

I can't take Dmards so I managed with paracetamol & ibuprofen. The reason they use the drugs you mentioned is to stop anymore distruction of the joints but of course in the meantime they suppress the immune system. Like yours mine was already compromised and I felt I would be better without the drug.

Just over a year ago I developed spinal stenosis compressed discs so now my pains are very much muddled because I have osteo arthritis as well as Fibro.

I had a bad year last year twice I contacted shingles and then I had a bad infection In my uretha & my body reacted by coming out in Erythema Nodosum which is unpleasant lumps on legs and painful. My body had turned in on itself because I was fighting bacteria. Well I did fight it but goodness what I would have been like if my immune system had been lowered even more.

So I cope with Butrans patch for the pain which works very well until it runs out on the 5/6 day should last 7.

I'm not saying you should not take the drug but don't you wish they didn't have side effects. 🤔

Take care with whatever your decision.

Jen xx

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I have OA in back and neck with spinal stenosis and get Numbness in left leg from time time. Can't take anything stronger than paracetamol


Very similar we are the arthritis is in every joint!

I've tried so many drugs all to no avail allergies severe side effects vomiting etc. Yet the Butrans is fine 🤔

Take care all this chronic debilitating pain is a pain

Jen xx


I have PsA ( no psoriasis myself but middle son has severe psoriasis) and also inflammatory bowel disease ( Lymphacytic Colitis) . My rheumatologist told me that I shouldn't take Leflunamide because it is known to exacerbate inflammatory bowel conditions. I'm on Enbrel injections. Clemmie


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