What careers do you do with RA ?

Hi I am trying to decide what sort of job I can do with my RA .

I am by profession a Dental nurse. Currently I am working in a supermarket because I was finding it hard keeping up with all the running around keeping a busy surgery going. The only thing is now I am on my feet for five hours scrubbing pans in the cafe! I'm not sure what is worse ,running around all day in a busy dental clinic,or standing up all the time in a supermarket?

Anyone have any ideas? On Monday I do have an interview at a Dental practice for a full time receptionist.

What do you think ,as I can't make up my mind?

Jane xx

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  • I think anything that keeps you mobile is best. You should still have opportunities to sit down whenever required. For me, I was working with what felt like two sprained wrists for some time until the Humira worked its magic. As a vet I needed manual dexterity for injecting and for operating so a lot was delegated initially. Now I am no longer working so it is not an issue any more.

  • I am on Humira ,I started it last week so early days yet.

    Thanks for replying .

  • Sounds like the receptionist would be working within your field, you'll sit down if you needed to although if you ended up sitting down all the time that might not be great. I'm not a fan of washing up and I like meeting people so the receptionist job would be more to my liking.

    On the other hand one job is part time and the other is full time.

    You've worked as a dental nurse so you will have a very good idea of what the job entails.

    The receptionists at the dentist I go to used to double as dental nurses / receptionists but they moved premises and don't seem to do that any more for some reason. You might go for the interview and decide you don't want to work with the practice or else you might love the look of the place.

    Good luck with the interview and making up your mind and I hope your Humira kicks in soon and makes a new woman of you :)

  • Thank you so much,what a lovely reply.

    Jane x

  • Bear in mind that if you are in a job that brings you into contact with a lot of people and/or infectious agents, Humira leaves you very susceptible to disease so be paranoid about hygiene and co-workers handling your drinking cups etc. Colds and flu are spread by objects and hands more than by someone sneezing near-by. Be aware.

  • Thank you Hawker,I am aware I need to be very careful.

    At least I won't be nursing and breathing too closely to the patients.



  • Hi Jane. You don't say where your pain is mostly but I think you are better moving if you can. Sitting all day might be a problem with stiffness but if too painful then reception would work. When I was working using computers etc I had great help from Access to Work. They can supply all kinds of aids and adaptions to help to make your working life easier. I hope this is helpful in some way. Good luck x

  • Hi Sheila,

    Thank you for replying. My pain seems to be all over. Saying that ,one day my legs and ankles are sore then my hands and neck.

    I am a real pain at the moment. My Humira hasn't started too work yet as I have just started it,so I am on lots of other pain relief to keep me going.

    Also I don't seem to be able to make decisions very easily ,hence why I put this question out there to all of my friends on NRAS .

    Thank you again. Have a nice weekend .

    Jane x

  • You might find it helpful to write a list of the things in favour of this job and the things against and give them a score for how important they are for you. If the "for" score is higher than the "against" you will know how you feel - alternatively, you may find that you need more information about what the job entails before deciding. Of course, you may find, as a lot of us do, that they do not want to offer it to you if you are likely to be having time off sick!

  • Dental receptionist sounds a great idea....as long as you make sure to get up and stretch as much as possible. Also could you manage a little walk in your lunch break?

    I hope the interview goes well.... you are certainly well qualified. Best of luck xx

  • I'm also a dental nurse. For most of the past month I have been working on reception due to illness and holidays. Personally I find sitting at the desk for most of the day is terrible for my knees, and all the typing has made my hands cramp up numerous times. Looking at a screen for most of the day has also given me neck pain. If you do go for the receptionist job, definitely ensure they can make some adjustments to your working area to make it as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. You can always give it a try and see how you manage. Personally I'd prefer to stick to nursing

  • Thanks Beckywebb,

    How are your practice treating you with your RA? Do you not get more tired nursing?


  • I think the dental receptionist sounds good and you get the choice of sitting down or standing up. I work as a Breakfast chef and am on my feet all day and also a heck of a lot of washing up, so a lot of bending over, I work around 33 hrs a week, but by the end of the shift I have to sit down for about an hour!

    Good luck with the interview.

    Take care

    Carol xx

  • How do you manage standing for 33 hours a week?

    This job would be 40 hours a week and every other Saturday 9 till 1 .

    But as you say I have the option to sit or stand.

    Thanks for replying.

    Jane x

  • I had to choose a sitting down job, as I knew I couldn't be on my feet all day (diagnosed age 6), so did secretarial work in a law firm.

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