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Hello everyone,

Hope you are having a nice day. Gentle hugs to those that need them.

Well I have had my first Humeria injection this morning.

I had my first delivery yesterday, and was told that my first injection would me next Thursday!!

Talk about teasing me. You all know how I have been ever so impatient to get my treatment on the go.

Well me being me, ( impatient) I rang my G.P practice and I have had it all done this morning. I did it all by myself with the practice nurse looking on. It did sting,but it was not terrible,not as painful as some would make you believe.

So thank you everyone,for listening to me go on about Humeria.

Best wishes to all .

Jane xx😄😄

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It gets easier the more you do it darling. I am injecting clexane into my tummy after my op last week and i have it for 28 days days. xxxxx


It helps being proactive doesn't it Jane?! Hope it's the one for you & get good results.

Hugs gratefully received, need em today! x

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Well done! Hope humira is the one for you!!


Hope it works well for you chick x


I've been using it for several years now and its effect have been magical. Hope it works as well for you


Thank you for replying.

I hope it is the magic everyone talks about. I could do with some of that.

Jane .


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