Next day from hospital

Well the first night hasn't gone well,didn't sleep very well at all,shed a few tears and then to top it off at six i started having diahorrea and i have felt very cold since. I have been told this is normal. So here i am resting and wrapped up like it is the middle of winter.

Never mind the longterm it will be such a benefit. Hugs to every one.xxxx

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  • Glad you have survived night one, hopefully they should get easier. Enjoy being wrapped up tight due to feeling cold. We call that a duvet day. How is the pain today, has it gone down so you only have one problem the cold feeling.

    Sending you hugs, XXX


  • I can't say it is pain as such more like a tightness,aparently everything that i have gone through in the last twenty four hours is normal, it is just a pity i wasn't told or expecting it. I just have to ride it out until i am healed. This next four weeks are going to be the hardest as it is a liquid diet only until my insides are healed.xxxxx

  • (((Big hugs))) glad it's over and you're home again. Think you can get pains in all sorts of places after an op. I had an emergency C- section many, many years ago and I was amazed at the weird and wonderful places I hurt afterwards - apart from the obvious place that is - not to mention the places I git wind. I never did figure out what they do to you while they've got you on the table. Just keep yourself Nice and warm.

  • Fill you full of gas.xxxx

  • Its wrong if they didnt tell you everything. You should have at least of had full details and been given the chance to change you mind.

    Well whats done is done, now you need to relax and get over it. Sending you hugs and best wishes .XXXX


  • Morning Sylv, good to see you've still retained your sense of fun!!!!! Get better soon. Gentle hugs. Babs

  • Fingers crossed that you start feeling better soon Sylvi. Rest and take care of yourself,

    Beverley x

  • Thank you

  • Do keep in mind Sylvi you've had a pretty major op & your body's had a certain amount of trauma. My h's GP put it in context after his op & concerns about recovery, he said it's all very well having life changing 21st century operations, what the surgeon's omit to tell us is that our bodies are not much different to cavemens & will take time to heal.

    I know you'll be good & you'll be taken good care of. I suppose it's up to nature now. Very gentle hugs. x

  • Thank you darling and yes it is major surgery and it isn't a cheap op

  • onwards and upwards hun don't let it beat you your get there I'm new to the sight and can only imagine your pain hun best wishes darling

  • Thank you darling and

  • Hi Sylvi. Sorry to read that you've had a painful and uncomfortable night. I hope you get a better nights sleep tonight. It would of help if they had told you that though wouldn't it!!!

    Same thing happened to me, though a very small operation. I had my Mallet Finger operated on 4 weeks ago and the first 3 days I was in excruciating pain. And only found that this was normal after looking it up on the net!! Now dreading the day when I have the wire taken out.

    Sending you lots of good wishes and hugs. Smiler xx

  • I slept last night because i took a sleeping tablet as i need my sleep to get through this recovery period and it has helpe,i am still going to the toilet a lot,but i now know i will expect this. I get very tired and i should expect this as it is major surgery after all.xxxx

  • Glad you got some sleep Sylvi, it does make all the difference. Hope the pain and the trips to the loo won't last too long. After all, like you said, it's major surgery. Wishing you well very soon. Smiler X

  • I dont think people sleep well in hospital, but I'm glad to have news of you Sylvi. Its obviously major (abdominal) and unpleasant but I hope you will feel a little bit better every day. I'm fighting off thoughts of doom as friends say 'well you're in to the countdown now arent you'.

    I hope you can have something nice to drink


  • Please bear with me as i can't remember what your having done,but what ever it is you will be fine darling.xxxx

  • Hello Sylvi, just catching up on facebook and saw your posts (and now here ) and I'm so sorry for not wishing you luck before now :( I can't believe your at home already, did I read that correctly? Liquid diet sounds horrific for so long! The few times I've had to fast, all I could think and talk about was food!

    Lots of gentle hugs xxxxx

  • Aww I. Sure it's just the after effects of the surgery and the drugs Hun I go in for my arthroscopy on the 26th Nov another 1 AGAIN fed up just wish he would do my knee replacement big hugs hun🤗Xxx

  • I had to have that op before they did my

  • I'm sending you my love <3

  • I'm sending you my love <3

  • Sorry you had a bad night! And I do remember the tight feeling well. It will ease. I was lucky in that the doctor that did my surgery required all of his patients undergo really intense group sessions where they told you everything to expect after surgery. He thought it made the after operation time much easier, and I have to admit it did. Did they tell you that you need to be up a moving around quite a bit when you got home? We were told that it helps to get all the gas out of you and helps to get things settled down. I would just walk around the house at first, then within a few days I was able to walk around my neighborhood. Just take everything slow at first. Hope your day today is much better! Hugs!

  • I have walked next door to pass on some mags. I have just eaten a bowl of cream of chicken soup and boy did i enjoy

  • Good for you! Doesn't that first "meal" taste great! :-) After protein shakes for two weeks before surgery, I just wanted something hot! LOL!

  • Well done Sylvi, hope all continues to go in the right direction for you. Big hug xx

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