PIP and Nasty Bosses

Some may remember me bemoaning the lack of care and understanding of my employers as to my condition and the difficulties in the workplace. No adjustments, no adaptations (Although it's actually a legal requirement!) Just rude, borderline abusive attitude from them and this is a health care company!

So, I had to bite the bullet and try to resolve things on my own. I resigned due to their attitude to my failing health. Got a new job within half an hour of eventually giving up on the old one and their lack of assistance and understanding. Better paid and I work from home! Major plus! No travel.

Also, to gild the lily, have just got a positive award from PIP for 3 years! (back dated to June this year). Celebrated by going out and buying myself a new chair for my home office! Simple pleasures. Tee hee. It is leather though, proper leather. Not like those who state "leather", but its wafer thin and bonded to cheap polyester!

So yes, there's still a road to walk (so to speak) but at least its now more like soft carpet than cold, uncaring concrete.

Hope everyone else sometime gets the feeling I got from receiving this Good News outpouring.

Gentle Hugs Everyone.

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  • Great news on two counts! Hope you settle quickly in your new job. Just goes to show there are understanding employers out there & better still being able to work from home. Hope the extra help that PIP gives you is helpful & is commensurate to your application.

  • Really pleased for you

    It's always lovely to hear positives like this

    Well done as it gives the rest of us hope

    Big hugs x

  • We'll done it's unbelievable the amount of people ignorant about RA , especially employers I think a lot of it is down to understanding what the illness is about and how it affects you,but good on you for dealing with it take care

  • Congrats whuch type of job enables you to work from home x

  • Hi Lorraine. Sorry for delay replying. I've been at work! Ha! I shall message you privately so as not to flood the thread and get scolded for posting links

  • Well done! Sometimes it's necessary to just go for it! So glad it paid off. M x

  • Its great to hear about positive outcomes like yours. Hard to drum up the courage to give up work but what a result!

  • Fantastic news and good luck with the new job X Dawn

  • Good for you. :) Hope it all goes well.

  • Great news and best of luck on the new job x

  • Brilliant!

  • Hooray on your new job!!!!

  • Thanks everyone. I've been working so took a while to reply, but here are some private messages to people who asked for a bit more detail.

    Gentle Hugs

    Tony (SalixG)

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