Good news!

Good news!

Here's a photo of our ginger toms, getting in some practice for the serious business of winter sleeping!

I have a bit of positive news, always welcome! I had an appointment with the rheumy at the hospital yesterday, first check-up with her after 6 months of MTX, folic acid, HCQ and SSZ. She remembered me, not because of my name/face/personality but because of her notes, which she showed to me. The little diagrams of the human body with enlarged hands and feet, which are usually used to indicate which of the small joints are affected, had circles around all four, plus the wrists, ankles, knees and elbows. She also remembered that my feet had been so swollen that they were bluish and my toes had turned white.

Anyway, she looked at the results of my blood tests and said my RA has "stabilised", the CRP has gone from 30.3 in May to 4.9 last test. Everything else is looking good and my liver and kidney functions seem OK, the crackle in my chest is still there (I had pleurisy) but my GP is keeping tabs on that.

She also had the reports from podiatry, occ therapy and physio, all good. My grip strength has almost returned to "normal" from 14 (kg?) to 25 and we're now working on strengthening my wrists.

In the end she's cut the dosage of my HCQ to 200mg a day - that was the one giving me nausea + hiccups all the time. MTX makes me feel unwell but it's just about tolerable (no actual upchuck yet, touch wood) and is obviously working.

So there you have it, proof that sticking to the treatment regime can work!


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  • That's great news. It's really encouraging to read. Lovely photo too.

  • Encouraging news!! It's been along haul, hasn't it? Thanks for making me see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Take care


  • Always nice to have good news. Well done, you've obviously worked hard to get there. M x

  • Another "good news" story.... that's great to hear and as you say encouraging news for everyone struggling to get things under control. Enjoy yourself x

  • Such lovely cats!!!!! Really glad you're doing well too :) x

  • Great news! And your kitties are beautiful! I have a ginger male as well. :-)

  • Thanks everyone x

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