Well I have my appointment with Atos in 2 weeks time,can anyone tell me what I should expect ,what things should I say.Any experiences with Gloucester Atos anyone?I am pooling myself over this,no doubt I will end up going on a goodish day.I am going to drive myself.Any tips would be of help.Just had the assessment for blue badge renewal that was bad enough don't know the outcome of that as yet she said I would have to wait 7 to 10 days! This really is a nightmare.Thanks RA people.

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  • I had my assessment with Atos in December last year. You can read my report back to everyone here if you wish though I think I've sent this link to you before quite recently? This may also be helpful

    Also use the two weeks to collate any additional medical support letters/copies of updated repeat prescriptions if you've had any new meds since you submitted your application form. You can hand them to the assessor to send on to the DWP together with his/her report.

    One thing concerns me a bit, if you've included mobility problems in your application do you think it wise to drive yourself there? I had my h drive me & he also accompanied me at the assessment. Answer as you're asked, there's no need to elaborate on any of the questions unless specifically asked to do so. Be aware of anything tricky like the assessor dropping her pen, don't be tempted to pick it up quickly if at all, it's a test.

    Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly & you receive what you need. Let us know how you think it went won't you, it's helpful for others who are waiting for their assessment.

    I hope you're given a Blue Badge too. I applied for mine after I received notification of my award & it's been very helpful. :)

  • Thanks that is helpful xx

  • Like no moreheels has said it would be best if you had someone to drive you and go in with you, they watch how you get out of your car and walk, hope all goes well

  • Thanks will fox

  • I mean will do hehe,I hate computers!

  • They will watch you in your car, walking from the car and in the waiting room. My last assessment was at home as I was too poorly to attend the centre. Do not go on your own, take notes on the answers you give. The first assessment I had was with a male Dr. He lied, quite simply, said that I was perfectly mobile with a max 5% reduction of mobility in my right knee. That I walked from the car with a normal gait, sat comfortably in the waiting room for almost 45 mins. None of this was true, if my husband hadn't come with me I would have thought I had gone mad! We were in the waiting room no more than 10 mins, and my right knee is probably my best bit! I haven't had a normal gait ever- just couldn't happen.

    My next two assessments were with female nurses who understood that I also have a genetic disorder that can't be faked nor will it improve. I also had a BIG problem when I couldn't attend an appointment due to hospitalisation. So attend your appt. Don't believe anything they tell you at the centre(such as we will send you a new appointment in the post) you go down as a did not attend and I had to wait 7 months for a review- with no money. Hellish. Having said all that the last two were lovely and the first was a long time ago, 8 years. So don't worry too much but don't go alone. Collate all you're medical reports, letters from hospital. OT reports. If you use an aid take it with you. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

  • thanks god this sounds horrendous.x

  • It was, the first time. But the next two home visits were OK. I did not know at the time but the assumption is if you are well enough to attend then you are well enough to work and "do" for yourself.

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