Dreaded atos assesment

Just had an atos assessment for PIP and i am kicking myself. The assessor was really nice and helpful but it was such a long drawn out about and i was in s much pain and with stiffness (early morning appointment didnt help) that getting to the end of the appointment i couldnt really focus or be bothered so when asking about walking distance i said how far i could manage on a good day which isnt realiable or true for a bad day. I wasnt prepared for the lack of concentration i suffered and didnt have anyone with me to help. Oh well just a wait now to find the results. Wonder how long that will take

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  • well I hope its gone well I was only 20 mins and two points short of an award they my have done the medical as it should have been good luck

  • Thanks for your reply lucindajune. How long did u have to wait for the results?

  • I waited 16 weeks and now they are looking again told that will be 8weeks plus then if they still say no I can appeal that could take a year I .will keep on with it I have never claimed any thing before hope this helps I am in the Yorkshire area I don't know if they are the same every were

  • Wish you good luck. Hopefully they will have seen your pain and" brain fog" with your tiredness. Hope you hear soon, just yet another worry on the list of RA problems.

  • i have been told that i will be contacted to attend a panel in 2015.......i am dreading this. i have been on low care for many years due to mental health problems i have had since my early 20's. my rheumy team told me to apply for a higher rating as the RD had devastating effects on my quality of life. luckily i contacted a community group where i live about how i would go about this. their advice was to not apply no matter how bad i was. in their opinion i would be wiped of my existing low care allowance and could end up with nothing.

    i contacted a cousin of mine who works in a benefits help centre for advice and he told me the same thing. so in 2015 it looks like i could not only get no help for my existing chronic condition but i could loose what i have at present. that would be a significant drop in income for me. i sat yesterday and did some arithmetic and i am now very concerned about the future. like so many of you i really don't need this on top of having to cope with this awful disease. i'm 64 now, i should be at this time of my life at least able to meet my financial responsibilities without worry. i have been working since i was 14. i babysat after school to supplement my families income. that was in the 50's......have times really changed very much?

  • Jeanabelle have u looked at the benefitsandwork website? They have a self assessment on there to see how u might score, might help you to make a decision. It is only a guide you cant really tell if thats what they will score you but it may help

  • thanks chelle, i will have a look but i think i'll be hiding under the duvet for a while......i really just don't want to face it....... is it true that all benifits are stopped while they are making a decision? this is awful, putting people through this. i'd have to get rid of my car......my only real luxury.....its an old thing 2006 but i could get another few years out of it. no way could i keep it........there's a half bottle of wine in the cupboard....think i'll empty it.......thanks again. i promise i will look at the site. at least i'll know what i'm up against. X

  • Hope it goes well for you this has been a hard one to follow I have asked for extension to fill in forms as I could not get appointment at c a b to help till after the date they want forms bk I just cannot understand that they recognise this illness in the very begining and now we have to prove we are I'll just does not make sense until they stand in our shoes don't judge but if we were drug users

    Drinkers we would get our money automaticly excuse any spelling mistakes and I never use comers or full stops so rant over for now stay positive x

  • And pip can take up to 26weeks x

  • It took 27 weeks before i got my asessment i think she may have said 6-8weeks to hear back after. Im not sure if they stop your dla while they sirt your change to pip seems really cruel to do that, but then the whole system is a cock up

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