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stressed, sore, worried and whinging

Hi guys hope you are all feeling well if not very gentle hugs.

Well the RA started in my fingers last year and now my knees and shoulder are killing. RA specialist injected steriod straight into my knee 3wks ago but I feel has made no difference. Has anyone else felt that opinion?? I stiffen up all the time and Im not sleeping so im increasingly grumpy. I have 1st session of physio tomorrow as got reffered when my shoulder froze because of it 2 weeks ago. I have an ATOS assesment on Monday and Im terrified im convinced I will fail. Iv worked all of my adulesant life (im only 27) and now feel that I am going to be judged on this horrible illness that everyone says you fail on as it is not recognised enough. To top it off im in a custody battle to get my 6yr old son so back on anti depressants and stressed to the hills. Has anyone else had an ATOS assesment recently? Like iv said im terrified.

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oh becky you are going through the mill !! i feel so sorry for you. my advice i would take it one step at a time , go to your physio and tell her how it is they are really good and will show you ways to relieve the pain and give you the exercises to keep mobile . Your ATOs assessment i would be yourself just show them how it really is dont try to get yourself dressed smartly and your hair all groomed if yo cant, they need to see the real picture be yourself and dont worry. What the worst can they do to you.... nothing all they can do is say yes or no . I feel they put this fear out there on purpose so people shrink at the mear mention of the appointment with them, well dont hun thats what they want. I'm so sick of hearing the friends on here feeling terrified because of these people!! as if we are not all going through enough with the RA . keep your chin up hun and as for the custody battle collect your facts and base you battle on the facts and nothing else take your time and take it steady calm and collect . hope all goes well for you hun big hugs xxx :) ps let us know how you get on. x


Thank you for your advice. Im just feeling feel up of being sore all the time and the tiredness is the worst! I feel 87 not 27 lol. My custody battle is going well its just the waiting that causes so much stress. Im convinced the stress makes my RA worse. Its hard to tell whet is effecting what. I keep getting loads of mouth ulcers adn skin irritation but dont know if that is stress or Sulphasalizine! Sorry for the moan lol x


hi Becky

poor you, you really going thru it, big hugs n hang on in there,

ive just had a home visit at 8-30 this morning (they said they wud be here between 9 and 10)

ive been very stressed out about it but its done now the gentleman that came was very nice n was litterally here 15 mins....

thinking of you n sending soft hugs, dont give up !! :) love Ali xx


Thanks Ali I hope u got on ok? Can I please ask what the assessment entailed?

Big hugs



well apealed last yr for ESA , december brought me a letter saying ive been awarded it and have also been put in the support group actually cried when i read it with relief,

i recieved a letter from ATOS bout 3wks ago just saying that they have arranged for a Dr Smith to come n visit me at home, well i been worrying meself sick over it, he came at 8-30 30 mins ealier than expected looked at my poor swollen joints asked me a few questions spoke to my son and left, so i think it was to see how im managing at home and wwwwwwwot help i get. xxxx


soz about typing n spealing xx


wishing you well x


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