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atos slagged off lol on news

hi did anyone see news tonight where an ex atos doctor resighned becuase he didnt agree with their methods it justcofirmed what we all think hopefully some one take notice he good whistleblower xx

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Until all of the drs resign we're fighting a losing battle with them...


Why on earth would you want all the doctors to resign?


I think Sylvi meant the doctors who work for ATOS, I do agree with her too, lol


I did Philip.xx


hi angej just wondered, have you worked at the DWP you seem to know an awful lot about the way things work which is i must say is very informative for everyone ( its not a gripe lol) . yes some people are swinging the lead so to speak but i blame the gouvernment for that for being so blaze about it all in the beginning. But genuine people are being targeted for the gouvernments mistakes, some people like phil are genuinely very ill and are put through the mill because of this . THere is NO excuse for rudeness and that is how some of these doctors have behaved they are not god and should not act like it, i know someone who is confined to a wheelchair due to RA has difficulty moving his joints due to RA and sits in the chair all day he has meals on wheels, a carer, depressed etc and wishing there was something he could do to make his day brighter worked all his life and has to claim now due to his illness being so severe, and they said he was fit for work, how can they justify this. He had to appeal and thankfully it was overturned but the money is no good to him he says he would rather have his health all it does is help a little towards his bills let face it the money is not life changing. Sorry if it sounds like i'm moaning but these people are really annoying and as that doctor on the news said very upsetting. good for him on blowing the whistle i think the gouvernment need to have a really hard look at the way the assessments are carried out. lena xxx


I was in total agreement if what Philip was saying and I also said that the way the assessment is scored needs to be changed.


hi angej i was not having a go at you hun !! hope it hasnt come across that way, just moaning about the gouvernment and the way they deal with things . xxx lena


i missed it :(


Absolutely agree with you, there a few bad ones who pretend and that makes it harder for us, a few years ago a bloke we called peanut lol, pretended for years and when I last saw him he was running for the bus BUT WHAT GOT ME, he was on crutches with 5 bags of shopping well I nearly fell off my seat laughing at him because I knew he was trying it on.

I still think his still doing the same thing today lol.

I went to see the lady at the DWP, today and she seemed ok with me and she said as long as I was trying to help my self and keep seeing them I will only be called in every 3 to 6 months to see if I'm cured lmao, I said I'll do my best to be cured but they will have to provide the magic pill lol, my illnesses are

Health problems










High blood pressure.

2 Crushed discs in lower back.

At the end of the interview lol she said you are not getting all your benefits so I have to ring up tomorrow and ask for a claim form for income related ESA lol, might be worth £30 a week extra, lol, this whole system is so very confused even the staff get confused lol.

Have fun y'all



Philip if you don't qualify for esa then there is no hope for the rest of us. I am sorry your so ill and i hope you manage to keep a smile on your face and your sense of humour,god we need our sense of humour don't we.xx


And I take up to 30 tablets a day lol 7 injections , plus sprays for my COPD that's a whole lot of miracle cures lol, if I have any time left in the day ill creat the magic pill myself lol , with some help though.


I think that the way the assessment are made are too simplistic and does not take under consideration the complication of RA. For instance, you may look very well but experiencing extreme fatigue and strong side -effects from DMARDs. With RA, we get Fog Brain day which does affect one's performance at work. The fact that you can bend down to pick up a pencil is not representative of a full days work.

The government is giving a hard press to anyone claiming benefits without making any exclusion to people who are unable to work due to severe illness. According to the government, anyone who claims is a scrunger. This is terribly unfair and put a stigma on everyone who suffer with an illness.

As far as ATOS is concerned, there has been many programmes on BBC and Channel 4 who have investigated ATOS and they concluded that ATOS is totally inadequate. Unfortunately, the government is not paying any attention and continues in their effort to stigmatise anyone claiming benefits.


here is a link to the guardians report on this news:

I failed the medical on points and have appealed. I am still waiting to hear back........


I don't know why the bloody government wanted to change the system - the people who know how to 'use/abuse' the system will continue to do so (and usually succeed - I know a few!) and the 'genuine' people won't abuse the system and they're the ones who suffer - and it'll never change!


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