Broken Blood Vessel

This is a strange question, but can RA cause popped blood vessels in your finger? I was sitting here reading and all of a sudden my finger started stinging and hurting like crazy. I looked down thinking something had bitten me and saw that my finger is swollen and was starting to turn purple. Then it dawned on me that it was a broken blood vessel. It doesn't hurt now, unless I bump it. Any thoughts, or is this just a random act of weirdness on my body's part. :-)

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  • Sometimes RA medications can cause problems with bruising and that is a problem with your veins. This can be caused by the NSID you take.

    If the artery is bursting some bets will be off and you should see your RA Nurse or GP as they will know what the problem is. I a no GP.

    If you have bruising forming that leaves a yellow/light blue bruise they can be quite painful and I used to suffer from them regular until they found a medication that did not cause those contraindications


  • Now and again i get that. It can be quite painful , I didnt know there was a connection with R A

  • It is a contraindication of the medication we take.

    Also we can suffer internal bleeding in the tummy as medications irritate the tummy lining.

    Many of what we take changes the constitution of your blood and this will cause bruising as well


  • This happened to me once. I think it can happen to anyone. If he keeps happen mention it to rheumy but a one off, don't worry.

    Hope it settles soon

    Love Kiki

  • I went through a phase of getting this quite a bit, about 4 or 5 years before I was diagnosed. It is very painful, but I don't know if there's a connection. Nowadays I only get it occasionally.

  • Thanks everyone for your reply. It looks pretty ugly today, but doesn't hurt. I mainly was just curious because it was right over the knuckle. Isn't it interesting that when anything out of the ordinary happens, we immediately think it might be caused by the RD. :-)

  • A similar question was posted by another member recently. I'm sure she won't mind me giving the link

    Hope it helps.

  • Thank you!! I must have missed it before. I'll go look it up. :-)

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