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Broken and brittle nails

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I am new to HealthUnlocked and this is my first question. Over the past year my fingernails have become very brittle. They crack and break very low making the finger tip painful. I have no problems with toenails - still strong! I have tried vitamin tablets, Sally Hanson products and others. I have a good diet so am completely at a loss. Any help would be most appreciated.

22 Replies
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Hi 19northside2 have me good advice on pure lavender oil which is bet good. And I got rejuvenate Jessica nail nourished, and oil again they are helping x

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Thank you for that. I will buy this and try. How long was it before you noticed a difference?

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You have to do the rejuvenation every day and oil four times a day or more. But after three weeks my nails are above the skin . Broken ones still being protected with Jessica brilliance polish on top of rejuvenation. Clean off start again every three days. Then get your cuticle done as they said when they are so dry they tighten into the nail preventing it growing and obviously gently file thin broken nails as they grow.

Keep oiling!!!

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Ps welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it as much as I have xxx

Allanah. Thank you so much for your help and advice and for the welcome. I will certainly try this. Will let you know how it goes. Mx

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Hello Mahelt, Here is some useful information I think.

All the best, Simba

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Thank you Simba. All help is much appreciated. I will read about this and give it a go.

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Eating jelly is also good.

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I like this! Thank you Karools. I remember my mum saying this when I was younger.

Hi Mahelt - You hair, skin and nails are reflections of your collagen and keratin levels. I have similar issues due to my Sjogrens. One thing I am trying is a collagen and keratin mix from Soloray. I am hopeful that will take care of the dry, dry, dry skin, and breaking nails. I have the same issue - strong toenails (thank goodness), but brittle fingernails, and hair thin on the top of my head. Don't know if this will help you or not, but it is my latest attempt. Best of luck!

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Interesting reading about collagen and keratin connection to progesterone.

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Thanks Simba - Biotin is one thing I haven't tried, so I will give that a go as well

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Had the same problem- turned out to be psoriasis of my finger nails (not toe nails though!). GP picked this up-bless him!! Went on to PsA within a couple of years. Only things I've found useful are to NOT wear nail polish :-[ (too drying), heaps of FOOT cream used as hand cream (tip from my dermatologist- it is 'heavier duty'), avoid keeping hands in water when doing chores (and I wash and moisturize my hands after I use any gloves) and keep nails shortish (I keep mine no longer than level with the tops of my fingers, but that means not a lot of 'free' nail- I've learned that people have different nail growth lengths!). I LOVE emery boards (I buy the FINE type by the handful as my nails are so brittle but soft (!!)- I stash them EVERYWHERE and attend to chips/splits/breaks etc immediately!! Good luck.

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Thank you Aless for your help. As I have said to others who have replied that I am quite ashamed of my nails and am so pleased that so many have sent their remedies to me.

Just a thought to everyone.... Someone at my gym mentioned Biotin tablets for nails and hair. Has anyone tried these? Might be another remedy. Mahelt. x

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Heard about it. But not sure if ingredients are ok with ra drugs but will look into it.

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Just dont get acrylics as tempti g as it is lol xx send a picture when u get then sorted!

Allanah when my nails are strong and beautiful I will be sure to send you a picture. Mx

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Hiya Mahelt & welcome. I also have no problem with my toe nails but my finger nails were a different story, splitting very low like yours & yes, it's painful! My saviour has been Dr Lewinn's Renunail. Rather than explaining this YouTube review explains well The only difference is I don't use the hand cream, whilst I've never tried it I have one I've used for years & swear by but the nail strengthener, oil & follow-on nude strengthener I do use. I always wear rubber gloves when my hands are in water & gardening gloves when gardening. I never use nail cutters, I file my nails with a crystal nail file. Mine's a Leighton Denny one which was part of a boxed gift but I like it, it doesn't rip your nails like an emery board does & you can use it in a saw-like manner, no only filing to the centre of the nail. I took a pic of my nails for another reason but you'll find the post here, just so you can see the results I get They were quite short when I took the pic, I don't ever have them overly long even though I could but I do like to have a little over the free edge as I find it helpful when picking things up with having rubbish finger grip. Instead of using a clear polish it's Dr Lewinn's I have on & the white is just a normal white polish.

I hope this helps, you've certainly had lots of responses so I hope you find one that sorts your nails out. Do post a pic when you've been successful & let us know which worked for you. 💅🏼🙂

Thank you so much for responding. Yes I have had many replies and everyone is being so very helpful. I have remedies to try and surely one will work. Fingers crossed. Many thanks to all. Mahelt x.

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Mine break very easily somI started to take folic acid becausec I heard it was good for nails and hair and because I'm on sulfasalazine it interferes with folic acid absorbtion it iscworking ok for me.

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Thank you. I will make a note of it. I have several remedies now to use. I am starting by taking Biotin tablets which is supposed to be good for nails, hair and skin. If after a while I can't see any change, I will try other things which have been so kindly passed on to me.

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