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Hi lovely people, I've just received a letter with the results of a recent ultrasound on my hands. It says I have an RA nodule on the palm on my hand (that will be the lump below my middle finger!) and it will be discussed at my next clinic appointment. Trouble is that is 2 months away. Does anyone have any experience of nodules on their palm? I would love to hear your experiences and what, if any, treatment you've had. Mine is quite painful so I'm hoping they will be able to do something about it. Ta, Jane xXx

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  • Hi I was diagnosed with RA two years ago and have a number of nodules on my fingers. I only have trouble with one of them and thats the one that is right on the joint on the inside of my thumb. My consulatant isnt concerned about them at the moment.


  • I had a nodule on palm of hand below fore finger, My finger clunked when I closed that finger towards palm of hand and you could see the nodule jump. I had 2 steroid injections into the nodule and have had a really good result and nodule went.

  • That's good to hear, thanks ☺

  • I have a nodule on the palm of my hand and rheumy says it has nothing to do with RA. It's just a coincidence. Before I got the rheumy, everyone else wasn't sure what it was - one doctor said RA, another doctor said not. They didn't actually know enough. So it may not actually be RA related until your rheumy confirms.

  • I have recently discovered that there are different types of 'nodules' that can grow on hands... Rheumatoid nodules are formed from soft tissue, may hurt but usually don't, and are almost definitely a sign of RA. Tendon nodules (I have dozen of these on my hands) are a sign of long-standing tendon inflammation and do hurt (tho they can be anything from just a bit achy to really painful IME). Osteophytes are little lumps of bone associated with osteoarthritis... And there are other lumps and bumps like gangleons...

    Jacey's ultrasound specifically says 'rheumatoid nodule' but other nodules may be something else...

  • I have nodules on the back of my hands. Had one removed before I was diagnosed with RA. The hand surgeon could not explain it, but removed it because it was large. Have now developed one on the other hand and it is not bothersome. I have nodules on my pinkies and they are starting to get crooked also. This could be RA and OA.

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