Nodule and secondaries?

I'm not sure if this is a nodule because it comes and goes but my husband just spotted it and said "what's that?!" - made me wonder. Its tiny and squishy to the touch - the size of a lentil and its on the inside of my wrist near my veins just below my palm. Is this an RA nodule does anyone think? I have no idea but its swollen and achy tonight in both hands and wrists.

Also do many people with reasonably inactive/ mild RA get all thee secondary add ons? I'm thinking OA (fingers) Reynauds and now Sjogrens? It seems a bit excessive and I've been blaming the drugs but now having a break - week 2 nearly over (week 4 Hydroxy) and they are still dominating things. Mind you it is cold and I do have a sore throat so could be just aching and icy from that.

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  • It could be but the other common condition in that spot is a ganglion, a little nerve which pops up. I have on which just pushed back in , but the tradition was to bang them with a book....ouch don't think I would do that ! However my nodules are similar to what u describe, I also have o/a and diabetes and just verified as shore s on Friday, so looks like my immune system needs to learn to blooming calm down!!

    Can u believe its a week since your party wow xx

    I think maybe u tired after your hard work and need an early nite and some orange juice and your electric snugly! Hugs xxxxx

  • Ha you must be joking! Its another stunningly lovely day here (cold but still and so sunny) and 4 women friends are coming over - taking a bottle of bubbly down to the town hall in our small town and watching art house chic flick staring some gorgeous Belgium actor! No rest for the wicked - anyway this has become my drinking night and off meds nothing will stand in the way of this!! Mind you insomnia isn't good afterwards but I'm so tired I think I'll sleep. Been working in studio all afternoon and feel I could sleep for Scotland right now. Yes could be a ganglion but shame I ain't got a bible to bash it with! Your immune system is needing a tranquilliser frankly Allanah - its seriously challenging! Xxx

  • Hope you had a brillirant night! I would love to be in glasgow as the have the glasgow film theatre which shows amazing foreign movies. And yeah I need a horse tranquilizer, although I hear Ketamine is used for other things now.:)

    Happy Easter xx

  • ganglion

  • Had a whopper ganglion on ankle years ago ... GP mentioned bible bashing & when I asked if it was okay to keep doing long walks in walking boots that rubbed on it she said 'Yes! That'll do the trick!' And it did.

  • Yes I think it is a ganglion too but its tiny - not remotely worth bashing. Relieved its nothing to do with RA returning though - thanks! X

  • Hi Tilda

    Apologies but my question is totally RA unrelated the Owl painting by your name is beautiful, did you paint it?

    Maddie x

  • Yes I did Maddie. I drew/ painted it at the request of my son who used one for a tattoo he's now got on his arm! Xx

  • It's beautiful like I said and I'm drawn...(excuse the pun!) every time I log on...I think Owls are stunning birds and I can't remember seeing one in the wild yet...perhaps I don't look hard enough!!!

    You are very talented :)

    Thanks for reply

    Maddie xx

  • I meant I'm drawn to the owl every time I log in to NRAS community! It catches my eye :) x

  • Thanks Maddie that's kind. We do see short eared owls up here on a daily basis when driving - they hover and perch on fence posts looking for the unique voles that reside on these islands. This image is actually a mix of baby owl and some more exotic foreign one so its a bit fictitious! X

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