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Very Low

I've been having a flare involving just about every bone in my body which has lasted since last December. I usually try to battle on without moaning about it but a number of things have collected up to bring me to my lowest ebb. I've had two surgeries on my wrist following a fall in May of last year. Right arm, right handed! Now I need surgery on my knee. I've been on a cocktail of painkillers which don't work but contribute to the downward spiral I've been in. Now I'm anaemic! A whole load of other things have been going on which I won't bore you all with. For the first time I can no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. Also been looking at mobility scooters because I can't stand for long a walk more than about 10 yards. I have a new GP who is brilliant and I saw him for the first time last Friday. CRP and ESR both in excess of 100. He's on to it all and is determined to help me. Can't stop crying and being really pathetic though. 😢. Sorry to be so negative but it's good to offload onto like minded understanding peeps and just writing it down has been quite cathartic. Love and gentle hugs to all. Caroline xxx

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RA SUCKS!!!!!! I have have swollen fingers since last December. I am sick of this disease!!!

Sending you peace and a gentle hug



Hi Caroline777 no, you most certainly are not the only one.

I too have been flaring since December, and I'm not looking for any sort of ease, and controlling my RA for probably another 6months. It tough... Very tough... Stay strong.

Gentle hugs

Chlo x

I agree with suzandale... RA sucks bad!!



I bought a mobility scooter early last year (I am 48) and it saved my sanity although I don't particularly like having to use it but is was either use it or stop going out. My disease was not under control at the time and had not been for a while and I could see no end to it.

Do try out some scooters before buying perhaps at a local shop mobility centre and then scooter showroom. Think where you want to use it (town/country to determine size and range), whether you want to be able to put it in the car (dismantling and weight of components), sitting position (I cannot sit comfortably with knees at 90 degrees), controls (when hands are bad could you still manage) and turning circle.

I have since had a total knee replacement and meds appear to be controlling much better so do not use it all the time but is still useful when planning a longer day out.

Do you have a blue badge if not it would possibly be worth applying for one as it does make it easier. Farm


That's really useful info Farm. Thanks. X


It's so awful that feeling isn't it. When are you due to see the Rheumy again. If not soon could you ring the Rheumy nurse and get seen. Obviously you need more help with control and pain control than you are getting. But I too use scooters/ chairs rtc as my knees ankles feet and hips are my worst problems , it's much better for your mental health to get out and about I think xx

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Hi, thanks for your response. My GP is getting on to my rheumy. I was supposed to see him in August but the appointment came through for October. 😕. I'm seeing my GP on Wednesday after more bloods tomorrow. Xx


Thank you x


At least now you have a good gp....they are like gold dust. I would not be able to cope without mine. So good to have someone you can rely on!

Hope things get sorted soon M x


So sorry you are having such a rough go if it lately! And just whine away. We all understand. I'm currently in a nasty flare myself and it just gets to the point it all gets on your last nerve, doesn't it? I'm afraid my Hydroxy has stopped working. I see the Rheumy next month, so hopefully he can help. I hate to add another drug, but this can't go on either. I say all of that to say this, I understand! Gentle hugs to you!


Thanks, it's appreciated and I hope you find some relief soon xxx



I have been like this since Nov.

I started sertraline and was recently increased the dose to 100mg.

Have not felt as tearful even though the pain is still as bad.


It's horrible isn't it. I hope you feel happier soon. Just off for more blood tests. Take care xxx


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