Spoken to doctor and Optician

Well i have spoken to my dr and optician and it seems the eyes are Sjorgens and the rest is because the wedding took everything out of me. Now i have to rest,rest and more rest. Tell me how the hell am i going to do that. I havenever known exhaustion like it before in my life. This is all because i went to a wedding would you believe. I am sick and tired of all this now.xxxxx

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  • Sylvi, I know exactly what you are going through darling. had secondary Sjogren's for almost as long as I've had RA (almost 30 years). When I worked, I had to carry a little bag with eye drops and tissues in it, otherwise I'd be in trouble. Now I also have Vasculitis which makes my eyes even worse. Dry mouth, and swollen lymph glands in my lips and neck (salivary and parotid glands) Very painful. Hope you manage to get plenty of rest - although I know it's difficult. xxx

  • Thank you.xxx

  • Hugs my variegated friend. I am feeling exhausted simply from the heat here, so I can empathize to an extent. I'm glad you've spoken to your care-folks, and I wish there were something you could do, I know it's frustrating to have to be passive in the face of this rotten thing. xxxx

  • Frustrating it is hard to just sit and do nothing. It is driving me up the wall,but i know it is the only thing i can do because i know it as soon as i get on my feet.Thank you for the hugs darling.xxx

  • Oh poor you Sylvi. Rest is the best medicine when you are exhausted.

    Take care

    Kiki x

  • Thank you Kiki.xxx

  • It is indeed. I hope both Kiki and Sylvi feel better soon. Sending love and gentle hugs. xxxxx

  • Thank you 😘😘

  • Thank you darling,xxx

  • When will it cut you a little slack. Hugs. x

  • Plenty of rest Sylvi and hopefully you will start to feel less exhausted very soon, give yourself a pat on the back (gently) for getting to the wedding, well done. Best wishes. x

  • I was good as well we travelled down the day before and stayed over until the next day to enable me to be able to enjoy the wedding,but it still didn't make any difference. I can't get ahead of this chronic illnesses.xxxx

  • Sylvie, your poor eyes!! I too have Sjourgens (spelling?) so I know how it can be very, very uncomfortable to say the least. I get a spray that goes on my eyelids that is a great help. It is from Boots and is their own brand. The named brands can be very, very expensive. My Dr only prescribes drops which I can't use as my hands just won't do as I tell them anymore!! Try two slices of cucumber on your eyes and lay down for a wee while, it really is very soothing. I really hope you are better soon.

  • Thank you very much, hubby puts my drops in my eyes for me thank goodness. I have never felt like this before.xxxx

  • Awh Sylvie, I really hope you get some relief soon......XX

  • Thank you.xxx

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