Doctor been...........

The doctor has been to see me and very nice she was too. She listened to all what i said and she gave me a good check over. She has given me some antibiotics and her next words WERE " YOU HAVE TO REST" in plain English i have done too much and now i have to take it really easy .

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  • Oh dear why is it always our own fault , , we’ll love I hope you get well rested then take care love 🌺🌺 Dawn

  • Thank you darling,i haven't got a choice now but to rest and i am sure it will do me more good than a little to stop.xxxx

  • That's good mind take it easy x

  • I| will darling and thank you for caring.xxxx

  • Eyes Mrs Christmas you need to REST

  • I am i promise my body won't let me do anything else. I wonder if the seizure i had before Christmas was a warning sign.xxxx

  • How else can our body let u know u do to much we really don't listen to it enough it can't talk to us so it will tell us in other ways I'm slowly had enough now and I'm thinking giving up work in March after I finish college xx

  • Sorry to hear you have had the Dr., I hope you rest and rest a long while. Your body needs time to recover. I have had a chest infection all over Christmas. I had a course of antibiotics . Chest infection gone but still very short of breath. Been back GP and now on a course of steroids , which leave me with the shakes, when I need my next dose. I'm having to take my time to recover and that means rest. I know how you feel my kids are always telling me rest.

    Sending you and hubby hugs. XXX


  • Well what a surprise...Sylvi overdoing things! NOT!

    I think your DH will have to get some velvet handcuffs & attach you to your chair for a month.

    You may shout instruction.....but DO NOTHING!

    Plrase do as your doctor says.....we don't want you writing to us from hospital!

  • Read my lips and my last reply lol.......REST !!!! Mwah 😁

  • I'd take it as a warning & seriously you must rest Sylvia (Sunday name means business)! ((x))

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