Photographs - Don't you just hate them?

Well I've just received some wedding photos from my sister's wedding that she sent me and OMG what a shock!

I hate having my picture taken at the best of times and so avoid it at all costs but couldn't avoid these ones. There's one of my sis and me talking and it really took my breath away how I look. I obviously wasn't aware that it was being taken so it's entirely as I am. My arms are bent, my neck is stiff (I'm looking sideways at her) and I look pregnant! I'm not overweight, only a size 12, but the hip surgery has left my pelvis skewed and so my bum sticks out.

Why is it that when we look in the mirror we see something entirely different? When I got ready that morning I thought I looked OK... What's more worrying is that was after I'd put on the old slap and dressed myself up. Goodness only knows what I must look like the rest of the time!! Aah well hubby loves me and so do my kids so what do I care?

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  • oh i know bub i had the same experience about a month ago, it is so awful

  • Me too Bubs, Avoid them at all cost. Jennyxxxx

  • Photos never do us any justice. I know you looked lovely on the day. I bet they were pleased just to have you

  • I feel the same Bubs. It's always a bit of a shock to the system. I absolutely hate having my picture taken. xxxxxx

  • Hi Bubs i had to get up today with 150 parents for the children's summer concert where the parents were clicking with the cameras in my face! to top it off one of the parents shouted at me to 'MOVE' when i was trying to get my class through the song! charming....

  • I feel the same, I look so stooped, and my hands are so ugly! And don't even mention my waistline!

    (In my imagination I am still tall and thin-ish.)

    I think we are over critical though. And only concentrate on our faults. I don't know any one who loves looking at photos of themselves.

  • Very true Phoebe.

  • I hate my photo too.. the last ones taken at work jubilee tue made my hair( blond highlights orange! and photos make us look fatter too and my face looked red.. oh dear1.. the pharmacist who took it said you arent very photogenic are you!!! x

  • I hate having my photo taken now - and I avoid looking!

  • Hi Bubs, I had an awful shock when I saw photos of myself taken after my diagnoses. I couldn't come to terms with it. I was a size 10, now size 18-20, weighed about 81/2 stone, now 13 stone and have the cushioning from the steroids, not a pretty sight!!! People who knew me before don't recognise me and have walked passed, when I call them back and say who I am they are shocked, I don't look in mirrors anymore, have only a small one in the bathroom, thats enough.I look at the before photos and hope one day I'll resemble them!! Take care Annxx

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