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After nearly two months of nothing much I've now got an appointment with anesthetist for knee op, and two rituximab infusions + the cardiology one for the knee op too. So I've got GP coming here to take bloods together with hospital transport for the various appointments. It really is a fantastic system and fingers crossed that it works.

And I think Paddy is coming out of hospital either today or tomorrow with his new hip and sticks.

So I think we're getting our moneys worth.

But still fingers crossed! It all feels a bit overwhelming but good not to have to patch together lifts with friends.

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  • So pleased for you. Good luck.

  • That sounds amazing. As you say, fingers crossed (ouch!) that the practice is as good as the theory. Welcome home to Paddy, not that he would know who I am! I hope his recovery goes smoothly. Jo x

  • Thankyou all. As Jo says, stiff fingers crossed gingerly.

    I just wanted you all to know that (hopefully) the system works. I will report back in due course.

  • Best of luck Cathie, hope it all works out and there are no hitches. How does an op work out when you are on Rituximab, just out of interest? Obviously the other drugs you can come off for a short time. My new knees have been great apart from when the RD misbehaves and they swell up. Hope you can get a op date soon.

  • The timing is a question I will have. I understand its in the hands of the surgeon who is one of the most experienced in Scotland. I expect that if all goes well it'll be at least a month after infusion perhaps more.

  • Well I wish you all the very best, if you need any advice on having a knee op, I am happy to answer any questions xx

  • I'd love to have any advice. My sister had knee op a year ago and she had problem with swelling but is great now. She advised me to have a skirt I could wear. Funny things like that are invaluable

  • Yes you will need clothing that is easy to get on and off. The OT should give you some aids to help at home ie a toilet raiser, bed/chair raisers if needed. Also a kitchen stool to save you standing. I found the reacher the best aid as you can't bend to the floor for a short while. Also try to have lots of meals in the freezer you can just get out and heat up. I couldn't believe how tired I felt after the operation for several weeks.

    The best advice though for anyone having a knee replacement is do all the exercises religiously because that has a huge impact on a successful outcome of the knee. You will need to rest alot in between too. I found using an ice pack on my knee really helped with the swelling after the operation. I couldn't tolerate the morphine or opiate drugs so I really struggled with pain control. A tens machine saved the day alongside anti-inflammatories and other painkillers.

  • That all sounds good, thankyou. I've been seeing a physio for the past 18 months who gives me exercises to do so I'm used to doing them once a day and will build up. Resting isnt much of a problem!! And now my husband's had his hip op he should be back at the hot stove.

    How soon after the op did you feel like travelling? We're building a holiday house in the Highlands and it would be great to get away - it is, like our flat here, going to be very doddery person friendly!

  • That's brilliant you are doing all the exercises now with a physio,it should really help with your recovery afterwards.

    I felt so tired for a while afterwards, mainly because i didn't get any sleep in hospital so I didn't feel like travelling much for a couple of months. We live 10 minutes from the beach and I did all my walking physio along the seafront which helped me alot. Having a house all kitted out will be a good incentive for you to travel, you might just need several stops to get out and walk about so that the knee doesn't seize up.

    Hope your husband has a successful recovery with his hip and cooks some nice meals for you after your op :)

  • We've had rather a lot of time to prepare! At the moment we're hobbling around on sticks in a sort of Paralympic formation!

  • You can both have a Paralympic competition - leg raises with haggis hanging on your feet, 50m dash to the loo, who can get their socks on first using a sock aid, knee bends but no high kicks for you both for a while :) :)

  • So nice to think that things are progressing for you both. We used hospital transport a few times with my mother, and they were great at getting to appointments but some delays with the getting home again bit. Take a book!

  • Yes I've seen people waiting around and am prepared for that. Thanks


    They say at least a month after infusion

  • great to hear things seem to be getting sorted for you Cathie,


  • Thankyou. Paddy had a very positive experience in the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary having a hip replacement (not RA related but it could have been). Now we seem to be clearing the way for my knees. We will see how it goes but the treatment and care he received were second to one. I'm saying this partly as its important to record a good experience isnt it!

  • Glad things are moving at last. I have used hospital transport myself when necessary, it's a great service. Hope all goes well. M xx

  • Busy, busy, busy! Hope it all goes like clockwork for you.

  • Seems it's been like buses for you Cathie & they've come at once. More fingers gingerly crossed that the transport system works for you. Pleased Paddy's coming home too & good wishes for a swift recovery. x

  • Hoping all goes well for you Cathie

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