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Feeling hopeful

Well after 6 months of pure hell, having come off biological therapy I saw the consultant who has started leflunomide for me. Fingers crossed it helps get this wretched disease under control. Is it too much to ask for a day or two of painless living or a day where work isn't a struggle. Feeling hopeful this will happen.

So with this in mind any one wish to join me in the hopeful home?

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I hope it works for you and it helps you get a pain free day. I still don't know what that is,i have good days but never pain free.


Having had this for 20 years I know that pain free day are out there it just takes positive thinking and correct treatment. Fingers crossed

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I continually live in hope that I will have a pain free day.


Have also just started on Leflunomide after stopping Mtx after 3 months due to dizziness which was probably not from Mtx after all !!! Confused but hoping Lef will help hands and give no awful side effects. Not sure whats worse! Hoping for you too.


You have stopped mix?

Fingers crossed it helps you x


Yeh stopped Methotrexate injections now on low dose Leflunomide. Dont know how many weeks before it starts helping. Living in hope!


Fingers crossed tightly for you. Sending hope dust xxx


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