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Any thing else to cope with??????

Visited the lovely Rheumy Nurse today. DAS score still high as us my blood pressure. After 6 months of it being high, they have now referred me to my GP for monitoring and possibly medication.

Also have a UTI which I didn't know I had as no obvious symptoms.

Mentioned my hair still falling out after finishing mtx so had extra blood tests to check my thyroid.

They have put me back on steroids to help me which I have no problem with as I feel that my condition has peaked since being off these.

On top of this I have a lousy head cold and sore throat to contend with. I wish my health would give me a break lol. I'm still smiling - just!

All I need is a magic pill which will combat all of these extras as well as my PsA!

A girl can dream..........

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Sounds like you are having a bad day. Sending you gentle hugs :)

PS : I want a magic pill too!!!


Ha ha Suzanne, just a bit but reading some posts on here makes me realise that there's always somebody worse unfortunately so I count my blessings! Hope you are well sweetie x

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I too count my blessings. My doctor says 'I'm one of the lucky ones" though I don't see how. He then said the majority of people who have rapid onset with bone erosion usually have no relief of this horrid disease.

take care



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