DLA Transfer to PIP

Hi hope everyone is well and not having too much pain today,

I am wondering has anyone in the London area transferred from DLA to PIP as yet?

I realise someone may have asked this already, and do apologise if that is the case.

If you have, who carries out the assessments in the London area, does it take long when being transferred from one to the other, does the payments of DLA stop whilst this is happening, any information would be helpful,


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Sorry I don't know at all. It's just been brought into my area in the north east but I will be the same as you !!! X take care x


Thanks for replying,


here is the list of postcodes that each PIP assessment company covers

If that link breaks, just google "Postcodes for PIP assessment providers and reassessment"


Many thanks for your help, really appreciate it.


I'm in receipt of PIP but it was a first application, it wasn't crossover from DLA. I think I'm right in saying it's ATOS who assess in the London area, the same Company I had.

This link from Citizens Advice may answer your other questions

Good luck when you have your assessment & I hope you're awarded what you need.


Many thanks for your reply appreciate it.


You're welcome, hope it helps & good luck when the time comes.


Many thanks for your help.


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