R.A damages hips

I was told this week that I need a new right hip and am gutted to say the least as im still getting over spinal surgery I had back in Nov 2014 when I had 3 discs removed from my neck (4,5,6,7 vertebrae) and replaced with carbon fibre cages due to R.A damage.

Anybody else had a hip replacement ?? And how are you following surgery and also did you have to wait long. I live in Porthmadog, North Wales.

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I've had both hips replaced, 2 and 6 years ago after waiting about 3 or 4 months (Derbyshire). Nowadays, they have a fast track recovery approach in most hospitals - the physics get you up on your feet on the day of the operation. Home after 2 nights with crutches or sticks. Walking relatively normally within about 3 weeks, back at work at 4 weeks, driving at 6 weeks. The titanium hip replacements have made the biggest single difference to my mobility - really worthwhile procedure and in the scheme of things, they are now quite routine operations so generally very successful. I was very young (40s) but I saw similar outcomes for older people in their 80s including my dad who was virtually hiking after 2 weeks. I have had other replacement surgery which has been much more complex and difficult to recover from, but the hips were the best ever! (Allow more time to get through security in airports though....especially if you go to the U.S.!)


Sorry to hear about all your spinal surgery, what a challenging time for you. I had both hips replaced 13 years ago, 12 weeks apart. I was 32 at the time and they have been very successful. I was in a wheelchair before the operations and with lots of physio they got me walking again in no time. Really good operations, got rid of all that agonizing bone on bone pain, hope you don't have to wait too long.

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I am really sorry that you need additional surgery and I pray you have a quick recovery.

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I had a hip replacement last May. My GP spotted a problem in Dec, I saw the consultant ortho in Feb... 14 months on, my hip is good - better than it has been for 3-4 years at least. It's entirely pain free and I have a good range of movement. (My feet badly limit my walking tho...) It has significantly improved my quality of life. :)

I was up and about the same day, home after 2 nights, able to climb stairs, off sticks within a few weeks... But everyone is different, and recovery depends on so many factors, including previous fitness levels, surgery techniques, age, weight, how other health conditions interact, etc...

There is good support and information on a Facebook group called Total Hip Replacement Forum and on a website with a more anonymous forum called Bonesmart.

Good luck!


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