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Pins/needles shivery sensation in head/face/jaw/sometimes body?

Hi all I haven't blogged for a while enjoyed reading still waiting on appointment for the gold injections? Last dmard for me to try...i've had an mri scan on neck due to these pin prick sensation and it came back normal. So neurologist was quite happy to refer me back to my rheumatologist...who still doesn't know why I get this...just wondering if anyone else who has ra experience this??? I also have secondary sjorgrens so maybe it's that...anyone with any advice can help me out thanks again Nicola :-) x

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Hi yes I have had something similar.

In May the whole side of my face, neck and ear became very tingly and numb (a bit like when your face comes round after an anaesthetic for a filling at the dentist). It came on very suddenly but as it was late at night, I rang the emergency out of hours doctor. They told me to ring 999 and request an ambulance as they thought I was having a stroke! Anyway A&E decided it was RA flaring in my neck and shoulders and compressing various nerves.

Long story short, Rheumy doesn't know what it is and so now I'm waiting to see a Neurologist.

Sorry I never seem to be able to give short answers! What I should have just said was 'Yes I get it too and No, my Rheumy doesn't know what it is either!'

Good luck Nicola, I hope you get sorted soon and the shivery, pins and needles leave you soon

JoJo x


Thank you for your reply...scary when it happens and it's the not knowing of what happens to neurologist has referred me back to my ra doctor and he doesn't know why this happens... Let me know how you get on when you see neurologist take care big hugs Nicola x


Heeello BOB here

The Gold Injection, I wish it was what it says, sadly it did now work for me as I had been on the full gamet of these medications, not one works with me and several years ago they crashed my immune system, it took an age for me to get back to normal.

If you are getting pins and needles that seems trapped nerves in the neck/spine Normally Amytrytalene will assist in this. It sounds like C1,C2, C3 may have problems, this is just a suggestion have words wit gp.

All the best



Thanks bob for reply...I've rang my gp and have appointment this will see what happens thanks again for your advice take care Nicola x


Hello Nicola

Injections of Gold seemed to be the first line of treatment 37 years ago when I was diagnosed. They worked absolutely brilliantly for me - it was as though I didn't have RA. I had to come off it because my kidneys didn't like it, however, I was told that many people are able to tolerate it very well and stay on it for years. I've also had the pins and needles sensation in face and jaw but not a significant amount and it didn't stay around for long.

There should be some more information on Gold on the NRAS Website. Hope it works well for you. Jude


Thank you Jude for your reply...fingers crossed this drug works for me..I have my first injection next week...I was referred to neurologist for a mri scan on neck and because that came back normal it's like they haven't followed anything else rheumy doctor doesn't know what it's scary when we don't know why this happens...take care thanks again Nicola x


Hi Prairie

I am new to this forum and have really enjoyed reading some of the posts on this website. I was diagnosed with RA in Dec 2009 and have been on 15MG Mtx since March 2010. In January, I developed similar symptoms, it started off with severe toothache (I went to the dentist and he ex-rayed me but couldn't find anything and he gave me a course of antibiotics) the tingling and pain then spread to the right side of my face, eye and ear. After putting up with the pain for over a month, I consulted the Dr., she said it was something to do with the three canals in the ear and prescribed antibiotics, at the same time she sent me for an MRI and CT scan to rule out anything sinister. The pain persisted and a further course of antibiotics were prescribed. All in all I had this problem on and off for about six months with differing degrees of severity. Then it disappeared!!! Don't give up hope, but if you are worried, do insist on and MRI or CT scan.


Hi there thank you for your helpful advice. I had an mri scan on my neck and that came back the neurologist didn't do any further tests and has referred me back in the hands of my rheumy consultant and he doesn't know why this is happening...I'm having my first gold injection next week do fingers crossed this will work and these weird sensation pin prickles will settle down...I've also got an appointment with my local doctor this week do will see what happens next???? Thanks again take care Nicola x


Hi Prairie, in the first couple of years of my RA I had swollen glands nearly every 2 weeks and neither my Dr, or my RA nurse was able to say why..........It just seems to be a side affect of the deficiencies in the auto immune system. I have not had a flare up for 18 months so am doing really well. Hope you feel better soon Carol x


Hi carol thank you for your reply. So true we have a lot to put up with other deficiencies that happen in the auto immune system...can be quite worrying at times...thanks again big hugs Nicola x


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