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Please follow above link.that people who are on DLA INDEFINATELY should read this.


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  • Thanks for posting this......I think! I'm terrified of this coming my way for quite some time now. I'm not o the Post Code list but I know the day is fast approching.

    I have been on middle and low DLA for some time now for another long term condition. Since then I have developed RD but didn't mention it to the DLA people as I was advised not to 'rock the boat' while all these changes are being made.

    What should I do no? Should I introduce my RD? Should I get my Rheumy Team to give me my medicial records so I can pass them on to DWP? I just don't know what I should be doing. I'd love some help or advice please if anyone can help me.

  • Hi, I would throw everything in the new PIP and dont hold back because they wont , you need to tell them as its yo7r worse day every day because it well could be.


    This really is very scary for most of us and we need to do as much as we can when the time comes.

    All the best to you.


  • I appreciate your call to arms.......I will contact my Rheumy team and see what I can get from them. I really was under the impression that I would be judged on what I was claiming for originally and not any subsequent conditions, what do you think?

    Should I contact my GP too. I hate approaching Dr's these days as some really don't want to get involved in this mess and really who could blame them but at the end of the day we are depending on them to make out medical records available. No doubt there will be may looking for this sort of info so maybe they will have come up with some sort of response. Thanks again, I'm sure this will help many.

  • Best to gather as much written evidence from anyone you have contact with RD medical wise Jean, including your GP, OT, Physio, Podietrist, all will help towards your claim. Too little professional evidence may count against you. My walking difficulties weren't accepted as I had no evidence from my Rheumy as she'd not examined my feet, not being included in the DAS score so I fell short on the Mobility component, though I received enhanced on Daily Care as there was plenty to compare between the letters I supplied & my claims on the form.

    I have little doubt I'd have at least the lower rate had I been having my assessment now as my Rheumy has since examined my feet, increased my meds as I have confirmed disease activity & was referred to Podietry who I see regularly. As I was seen to walk the 15m to the assessment room the assessor considered I could walk up to 200m within the desciptor which just isn't the case. x

  • They just have you scuppered at every turn do't they? I'm dreading all this. It will be a while begore it gets across the Irish Sea, sometime in the winter I suppose.....sooner the better just to get it over with. Thanks for the worthy advice. XX

  • I'm from Scotland and don't see any Scottish postcodes there but no doubt we will be on a another list x

  • No one will escape the evil from London, unfortunately and we cant let them win

  • You are frightening the life out of me Phillip but I know you are doing it for the right reasons and I do appreciate your help and advice......keep it coming. X

  • Lol I dont want to scare you lol but we are in the same boat lol and we need to be safe.


  • Believe me Phillip I'm glad I know about this now.......please let us know if you get anymore info.

  • Thanks for that. I'm the same as you luckily my postcode isn't included.

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