Good News!!!!!

Yesterday I returned home to the dreaded brown envelope.I opened it with little enthusiasm as I knew it would be one of two things:my appeal date for DLA or another decission made about my DLA.So once opened I was left in shock and was actually shaking,I couldn't belive it, they have given back my Higher rate of DLA and that was without me going to the appeal board,they reassessed my documents again.I am so relieved as this stress was causing my RA to have megga flareups.So hope for all,don't give up.

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  • Well done,its lovely to hear a good news story. Many congratulations,couldn't happen to anyone nicer. sylvi.xx

  • Thanks fo the lovely reply,Sylvi...xx

  • Great news! Hopefully you will feel better once the stress has subsided.

  • Thanks..Glitterbear..

  • Yeahhhhhhhhhh, so pleased for you , why did they take it away from you in the first place?? I've been on DLA higher rate care and mobility since 16 yrs old, and am now on my 5 th car ;-) SO odes this mean i will never be re-assessed or does it mean they randomly phone you up/write to you and say it's withdrawn??

    Ella xx

  • Hi Ella,

    they reassess me every 3yrs because in their opinion I could get better.So every 3yrs I have to fill out the long tedious form which leaves me feeling very depressed.This time they said I wasn't entitled to it as I had mentioned gardening and gardening is not a need for DLA but where I mentioned gardening was that I have to pay for a gardener now as I'm unable to do any.I depend so much on my car as I wouldn't be able to work nor get out at all.

    Sam xx

  • That must have been awful, i can't imagine being threatened to having my car taken away from me, the car it like our legs, our independance. Any benefit agency seems to pick up on 1 words and then make a judgement on it!

    Glad it's worked out for you

    Ella xx

  • I am so happy for you. I bet you are feeling so relieved! God Bless, Linda

  • Thank you Linda

  • Well done, i got my first car in Sept as i could not drive my old car any more, it was a big weight off my mind when i got my DLA.

    Karen x

  • My car is what keeps me being able to keep working and having an automatic is of such benifit particularly when in pain which is everyday,so I know exactly where your coming from Karen.


  • Well done Sammy, it's so nice to hear a good news story.

    DLA is a lifeline for many of us and so hard to claim these days. I know I'd be housebound and probably bedbound with the stress if I lost my car (I'm on my 6th motability car now) I'd be lost and in a horrible place mentally if I lost my DLA.

    Again well done you.

    Beth xxx

  • So true Beth

  • Good morning all i have just been given high rate mobility and care for two and a half yrs i to have opted for a care but i am now worried that they will take it away from me when they reasess they say that in two and a half years my condition could improve with treatment x

  • This is always the worry but as I've realized always be hopeful.I have now started to keep a diary because over the time you forget all the pains and difficulties you come upon everyday and take these difficulties as just being everyday things and a way of RA.

  • Also, request copies of letters sent to your GP after a visit to the consultant and send them in with any other letters of support when DLA is reassessed and any other info which will support a claim, I always send a copy of my repeat prescription too.

  • Oohps meant car x

  • Thank you both for good advice i will keep diary etc xx

  • Hi Big mommy

    I may be wrong but i though that you had to be awarded DLA for a minimum if 3 years to get a car?? As that is how long the contract is?? Maybe they've changed it??

    Ella x

  • If dla stoped before contract up you can return car or pay remaining months motability told me x

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