Some good news

Some good news

Well I have had a very busy weekend, stupid I know, but it has been lovely as my son and his partner came to stay for the weekend. It is now late Sunday arvo here in Oz and boy am I going to pay for my exertion this week but I don't care we all had a lovely time and I caught up with his friends who I haven't seen for about a year. They all used to about live at my house growing up. Boy does time fly and they are all in relationships and all grown up. Lovely to see.

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  • Wow what a beautiful couple. And they r lucky to have a proud mummy like you. I am so glad u had a great weekend, and for ll of u who's kids have gone to Uni, see they always come back , with extras !

  • yes they do come back and with extras! hahaha

  • Those sort of weekends are the best, I just live it too when I have my children & friends round just chatting over some good food & drink.

    They look a gorgeous couple, you can have a rest now and take it easy.

    I know what you mean son now has a partner and they're practically living with us now!! Xx

  • It was and the weather is finally warming up and seeing the sun so extra ;lovely. I have to go to work so no rest for me! :)

  • Agreed! But luckily I love them too

  • Oh yes, you have stirred the memories! I have 4 sons, and when they were all in High School at the same time, they each had a couple buddies that also hung out at our house, especially Friday after school was out. There were Marching Band memb ers waiting for the Football game, so they had to be fed!

    They are all nearing 50 yrs old, the oldest is 50! It's so fun to see these guys married and their sons playing sports with my grandsons! Those days around my kitchen table will never leave me! I loved them all, they all called me Mom!

    Enjoy while you can! Loret xxx

  • Yes they traveled in groups so I always had a lot of them around their mothers all thanked me when they graduated for having them all the time.

  • lovely pic.. and whats the lovely yellow tree that is in the pic of the lovely couple?

  • Thanks Summer. It is a wattle.

  • Happy days indeed:-)

    Even if we pay for it later there are always times when we want to fully join in and enjoy our families and friends.

    Cece x

  • Yep and after 16 months of spending every weekend lying in bed so I could face work again the next week I decided I am sick of being a hermit. Paying for it now but I had a good time.

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