Knee replacement postponed

Had pre-op appointment this morning. All seemed OK, blood pressure perfectly normal. However after all the instructions on what was going to happen, saw Dr who looked at my ecg and said he thought I'd had a heart attack. No way! I think the wavy line may have been caused by the acute anxiety I had before going in, but we will see. In the meantime ops on hold and I'm in the hands of the cardiologists. I suppose this is good because better to get sorted now. Just a bummer to wait!

So I will join the queue.

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  • Grrrrrr! Why do these things have to be so complicated hey?? I hope the cardi-stuff is sorted soon and you can get back on track with the knee op soon.


  • They referred to an unfortunate incident which had taken place last week, and I think they were being particularly vigilant. But our plans for the summer were already wretched, now they're up in the air again.

    Still the checks were very thorough and there wasnt much hanging around. Hopefully as they said, I might not have to have another pre-op session.

  • At least you know that they are looking out for you and doing their best to see you right... We haven't really made summer plans this year as its my first after my diagnosis and I'm still having tests (24 ecg thing on the 29th/30th and Mri scans in July) so it's a homecation enjoying the garden, family and friends company in between med stuff. I'm quite looking forward to it really (the relaxing stuff not the meds stuff that is!) and maybe we'll go away over Xmas/new year for some warmer winter climes!

  • Yes, we're looking forward to getting up to our new holiday house in the Highlands in the autumn

  • What a shame, especially when you were geared up to have the op. But sounds as if they're being extra careful which is good, so hope the cardio work-up shows everything in tip-top condition.

  • Thanks, like most people we have complicated home arrangements to make, complicated by the fact that Paddy is going to have a hip op soon too. Ah well I'm sure we will get through this. I suspect this happens quite often. So worth being ready for it.

    Apart from that the check was very thorough - the usual - weight, height, bloods, urine, some swabs of nose and throat, and a long briefing on what to do the night before, what pills to take or not to take, and my medical history.

    I was even told that I'd need to decide whether to walk down to the op theatre or opt for a trolly. Given the interminable corridors (at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary) I've opted for a trolly!

    Well we will see what transpires next.

  • Did he not repeat the ECG or try a different machine Cathie? Last time I had one I had two readings suggesting I'd had a heart attack so another machine was brought in & it was as expected with my BP & heart rate being good, perfectly normal. It's just that it seems excessive to refer you Cardio on the result of one ECG, especially when your BP was within normal range & it's not unheard of for the reading to give a false positive..

    It is possible of course that you could have had an event in your sleep, though I do hope not. I suppose one good thing is you're being checked out but I do hope it proves fruitless & your knee op isn't delayed too long. x

  • OMG Cathie that must have been a shock! Surely the doctor can distinguish between a heart attack and anxiety though? I had my first pre op on Monday and the nurse told me she wasn't going to let me leave until my soaring BP was down. I knew this was anxiety though although my BP is too high at the moment - not helped by Prednisolone. I had to have a second pre op with the anaesthetist today because of complications - RA.0, Prednisolone and my allergies and arrhythmia.

    My heart beat is all over the shop just now (arrhythmia) but the anaesthetist explained today that my heart and oxygen levels will be closely monitored in theatre and afterwards anyway. I'm a bit less terrified now he's reassured me but still dreading my cholecystectomy far beyond what this common procedure warrants. I think it's partly the thought of general anaesthetic for me but mostly the thought of abdominal surgery - even by keyhole -that is so daunting. I've postponed the op twice in 15 years and regret this now as would have been much easier before my RA started. I have a phobia about tummy related things - always have.

    But a heart attack - that is scary! Hope you can try to focus on your mindfulness and tai chi to calm yourself down now you're back in the queue perhaps?


    Ps re Jo's comment - my dad had a massive silent heart attack. The GP tried to get mum to help him back into bed thinking he had a tummy bug but mum somehow knew something was terribly wrong and called an ambulence. He had undiagnosed diabetes and hypertension though which caused this.

  • Just rewriting this for second time. Too tired! But I had to respond. Poor you; I didn't know one could have a heart attack without knowing about it. Keep us posted . J x

  • I havent. they think I have but I know I havent! I think it is actually possible but I suspect it was the 'event' they had earlier in the week that led to this caution. frustrating th ough

  • Thanks. I have no doubt that I didnt have a heart attack. I was (literally) shit scared this morning, which probably produced those results. Anyway I'm just going to wait til Monday, then see if I can get another ecg, if not I'll just wait to see the cardiac people.

    I just want to get to see our house which will be ready mainly at end of July!


  • Oh no that is awful. I hope that is not the cause. Good they picked it up before surgery though and if it is that you will get treatment and be fit enough for the op. big hugs.

  • Better than if they had got you on the table and you went into cardiac arrest darling. This way they can sort you out first then it will help your recovery. Hugs.xxxx

  • I'm trying to look at things like that but suspect its a false alam. Thanks for kind thoughts

  • Hi Cathie, I can understand how scared you must be. I have had several ecg's and sometimes the nurse has done it a second time saying that the machine is acting up again and the second test is fine.....

    I hope that is the case for you. Good luck I hope all goes well for you and that you can get another ECG and you don't have to wait long for your op.

    Take care I will be thinking of you.

    Sue xx

    PS: Can they not do the op with an epidural instead of a general anaesthetic? I thought that is what they do if they have any concerns. xx

  • So sorry to hear this Cathy. You must be so frustrated! Suppose they are just thinking of your health. Big hugs xxx

  • Any news, Cathie? Did you have the operation?

    My knee operation has been cancelled (or postponed - again).

    I still have an infection, and had quite a high fever all last week, and now suspected Angina. New knees would be jolly useful, but my lungs and heart have priority. All rather disappointing. Even more so that fact that I don't seem able to tolerate Enbrel without getting infections, effective though it has been. jo x

  • Oh sorry not to keep up, but I've been in deep despair - at the pre-op the ecg showed SOMETHING but as yet unspecified. That was mid June, and I have to wait til mid August for a scan to say more about my heart. The Australian registrar told me that he thought I may have had a heart attack , and told Paddy he didnt want to be attending my funeral if I went ahead with the op. He gave us the impression that it would only be a short delay, so we have been sinking gradually into the mire of waiting - I now have appointment for a cardio test on August 14th and we will have to take it from there. My next dose of ritixumab will be due then, but this afternoon I had a steroid jab which hopefully will keep me afloat while Paddy has his hip operation - next Tuesday. And then hopefully I'll be able to get the infusion -

    So I have no idea about the op, when or whether they will let me have it. All these delays have a sort of cumulative effect on one's health dont they - I'm all tremulous and anxious not getting enough exercise and finding it hard to be motivated to anything.

    I'm sorry to hear about your postponement too. Is there anything they can do to settle down the angina? Did you know you had it?

    I have my daughter and grandson staying next week while P is in hospital. Grandson has already ordered two different kinds of cake and they should bring me a bit of a lift!

    I hope you can get somewhere soon,

    Cathie XX

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