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Hi Everyone

Im feeling so frustrated at the moment with the medical world. So here we go.

On Saturday 6/6/15 received a letter from my doc saying get in touch asap.

Monday rang the surgery and was told no available app the doc will ring you.

No phone call. Called again Tuesday and was told doc is on the sick another doc will call. Wed no call. Thursday no call. Friday another blood test due at the surgery so explained to the receptionist the situation and was told 3 doctors on the sick and no available app. Im absolutely worried sick and so stressed out ive gone into a full blown flare. Diagnosed Jan 2013 taking 25gms

mexthotrexate a week.

Tried to make an app with doc on line guess what ? first available app 29/6/15

Sorry for the rant but I dont know where to turn next.

Trish. x

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Could be your liver tests are high due to methotrexate. Don't worry

Not a major problem Happens all the time. That's why you have the blood tests monthly 😊

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Deep breath Trish, and imagine a blind Canadian slapping your doctor silly (or sillier in this case). I know it doesn't resolve anything, but I understand your frustration. Sometimes it feels a lot like they forget there is a person attached to the disease, and that what they do or don't do has huge impact on our lives. Gentle hugs,



Rant away. That sounds like my surgery! It's always no appointments available or the doctor doesn't work that day, next available is in a fortnight, on holiday or off sick - so frustrating I know. I have been known to go up half an hour before they open and stand outside the door in the rain, just so I can be first in line to get an appointment that for that day. Where I live, the amount of housing built over the years is vast, but very few new doctors surgeries etc, hospital and A&E closures. Ridiculous situation. I hope you get to see one soon and your flare calms down. Deep breaths and maybe some meditation! Gentle hugs. xx


Ask for a print out of the blood test results and then you can see for yourself what the problem is? I always get mine.

As Dobsey says it's most likely that there's just one reading that's a bit out of the normal range and it's quite common to have little blips, but I appreciate that you need to know.


At my surgery you can have a telephone consultation for results.

I have had abnormal blood results for the past month. It's worrying but it could be something simple like your medication changed. Have you got a rheumatology nurse you could contact? Mine is happy to talk about results over the phone. Hope you get a solution soon xx


Hugs....I know exactly what you feel like with the surgery I attend. Getting past the receptionists is like tactical army maneuver and the cheek we query things is another hurdle. I hope you get answers soon and I would say to your GP that the stress this lack of communication has caused you. xx


The good news is that as you were notified by letter, not an urgent phone call, your results can't be too bad ☺


Ah I'm sorry for you Trish. It's so frustration. My rheum nurse has left and I now have no contact with the hospital and am worried myself. My B12 is low and waiting for my next blood test to see what they can do. Have felt much better after expressing my concerns on here. So many people have been in contact to give advice.

Could you call NHS line? ( are you UK?) they may be able to help.

I hope someone is able to help you soon.

Fellow sufferer



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