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How do you get your blood test results ? I left my book with the nurse who took my bloods arranging to collect a week later they weren't done left it another week this time the receptionist found them on the computer and had a go at filling in my book I know I would most probably get a call if something showed up but it nice to see the results and I haven't had CPR or ESP for 4months . Merry Xmas!!

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  • My nurse arranges for a receptionist to e-mail the results the following day and the lady said it is easy as it is only a matter of forwarding them on to me. The GP has a look first and if there is a problem they contact me. CRP needs to be added on the blood request form if it is needed. Farm

  • I have a drug monitoring record book (for MTX), is that the one you mean Sunflowerlady? When I have my monthly bloods taken the Practice Nurse enters the previous months results from the computer in the book & hands it back to me. Was there a particular reason your nurse retained yours? If it's the same as mine it's a patient-held one so, as the name suggests, it's kept by you! Unless there was a specific reason for her to retain it I don't know why she'd hold onto it. My GP checks the results as they're received (within days of taking blood) & If there are any anomalies she calls me for a urine test or repeat blood test. Your GP will do the same & check them as they're received from the lab so I would think nothing has been amiss as you've not been contacted. I'd push to get it back though if it is a patient-held one.

  • I hand my book to the Rheumy nurse whenever I pick up the form for blood tests. She then fills in results and posts the book back to me. In theory, I'm supposed to show.the book to my GP when re-ordering methotrexate, but I've never had to. Happy Christmas.

  • That's the book nomoreheels I have a blood test every 2 months they then keep my book to fill in results but never works I have one friend who has hersemailed to her and another who has a print out with her prescription I just wondered if anyone else has them this way before I try and arrange it

  • Sorry Sunflowerlady, I'd missed your reply. So if it is the same & you hold your own book the difference is only that you have your bloods taken bimonthly & I have mine taken monthly. As my results are taken from a continual screen of only my scores if say mine were taken bimonthly my nurse would simply copy down the previous blood test results, as she does the previous now having them done monthly. The only difference seems to be is that your results are 2 months in arrears & mine are 1 month in arrears. I don't understand why the same can't be done for you & she enters the previous blood test results when you have your blood test & then hands the book back to you to give her next time.

    I hope you understand all this, there are an awful lot of blood tests & results in my reply!!

  • I get a print out. I used to ask for them after every blood test as they never seemed to remember, but now I don't bother that often as I'm stable so I just pick them up when I go I to the hospital every 4-6 months or so.

  • This is a problem for me. The surgery say they don't have time to fill in the record book and the receptionists are not allowed to give me the actual results, only that they are OK or to be repeated.

    I have to rely on the surgery to contact me if there is a problem (to be fair they always have done) and I look at my own results when I attend for the next test.

    And I no longer have a CRP or ESR as "it's not part of the protocol" - not that I have found it very useful knowing the result AFTER my joints have flared up!

    I would prefer to know what the test is showing the day after when the results are sent to the surgery!

  • i go to have my bloods every 4 weeks, and have not had my results written down in my book for over a year, but there all logged on computer.

  • I go back to the surgery the day after the blood test and get a print out. The doctor had to authorise this but now it is on the system that I can have them. I don't see how they can refuse to give a print out - it is your blood after all.


  • I get a print out when I collect my next prescription - it has the last 3 blod tests on it so I can compare at an instant....I usually phone up a week before to make sure the Dr doesn't want to see me... The system works well on a monthly basis.

  • Blood test results vary from GP practice to GP practice. I get a simple result in the post asking me some questions for discussion and to make an appointment to see my GP. On request I can get a print out of full blood test results, Cholesterol, other numbers and HbA1C. There is also a graph print out showing up and down of the numbers over the last few years!

    The questions is "Is there an understanding the units of the numbers of the results?"

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