Hi everyone

I had a call from my Doctors surgery today, apparently there is a change in my blood levels, which means my body is starting to object to the medication. I recently increased my Methotrexate from 15mg to 20mg. Just wondering if it is the liver reacting, does it make you feel even more tired than normal as I was totally exhausted over the weeked even though I hadn't done anything different. This week I am also finding that I can't manage more than about half of any meal I have cooked. The Doctor said to carry on with the medication and have another blood test in two weeks, they will then decide if anything has to be changed. Taken my Methotrexate tonight so will see how I feel over the next few days.

Hope you are all doing ok.

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  • i am new to the injections but i was on the tablets for many years until 2010 my bloods never changed even when i had a flare up they say this can happen in some people. however i have been the same yesterday i could not get out of bed then in the afternoon managed bed to chair to watch hubby in the grden then hardly had the energy to eat my evenig meal i felt so scared to be honest. i think we just need to listen to our bodies no matter what the bloods say i know i am not being much help just wanted you to know your not alone xxx

  • Thank you for your reply. It's not nice feeling so tired is it, let's hope we both start to feel our energy returning soon. I have been up about an hour but don't feel as though I've been to bed. Need to get ready for work, pleased it's the weekend coming up. Take care. X

  • I take methotrexate 15mg and my last blood test shower a reading of 139 where it was in the 20s for my liver before. My Dr told me to ring the rheumatologist nurse which I did and she said to stop taking it and have another blood test in two weeks. I mustn't start taking it again till i am down to 40. I didn't notice anything and my Dr said I wouldn't. Do you have a rheumy nurse you can phone? I wouldn't have thought your Dr could say what you should be doing as mine wouldn't.

  • I could have sworn I replied earlier this morning Sue but anyway. I also had a call but from my Practice Nurse who takes my bloods. She'd checked my results when they came in & they were higher than normal. No great surprise as I've been increasing the dose from 15mg 17.5mg & have history of raised LFT's going straight to 20mg from 15.

    It could be your red blood (Hb) levels have dipped & you're a bit anaemic making you more tired or your liver levels are on the rise as I experience, any number of things really. My GP requested an earlier appointment than my prebooked October one & a locum Rheumy considered my levels were not overly concerning (my GP thought otherwise as they're normally bob on within a point or two) & maybe they weren't for anyone else or most he sees but he still thought it necessary enough to increase my MTX to 20mg & ask me to take my etoricoxib every day instead of alternate days. As before I've been having fortnightly bloods for 6 weeks & my inflammation levels are lowering.

    I hope it's just a case of maybe dropping back to 15mg & similar to me increasing your dose incrementally. x

  • I was on 25ml injections, but my liver enzyme became slightly elevated so it was reduced to 20ml. But I'm also on Leflunomide and a reducing dose of steroids. I couldn't say whether my fatigue is due to this, or to the combined effects of RA, Sjogrens, Vasculitis, Bronchiectasis, Osteopenia, Hypertension, or the after effects of cancer treatment.

    Sending hugs and best wishes, good luck with the Methotrexate. xx

  • Thanks for your replies. I've just got in from work and am shattered. If I feel like this on Monday I will ring my rheumatology nurse and see what she suggests. I don't know what the readings are of the blood tests so don't know if I am a bit anaemic. Like NMH says might just be a case of going back down to 15mg methotrexate and building up more gradually. I see the rheumatology nurse in October. Am at work this coming week and then have two weeks leave, I am going to the lakes for a week so want some energy lol. Think chippy tea is calling, can't be bothered to cook. Warming hugs and best wishes to you all. X

  • I think that's the best plan. Enjoy your chippy tea tonight & hope it stays fine in The Lakes when you go, lovely! Might just be heading that way ourselves unless my h is called for his op.

  • Hi happy granny

    I too have had RA for a year and so far had negative reactions to sulfasalazine and methotrexate. I am hoping to start biological soon so hope this works.

    I live in York and am struggling to find support from either people in a similar situation or groups, do you know of anything useful please?

    Sometimes it would be great just to meet over a coffee someone suffering the same way! A problem shared etc.

    I do hope the blood tests are ok?


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