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Hi all just an update ended up in ane on Sunday as I could barely walk with the pain in my hip. Was given a full check over and was told it's my ra surprise surprise! Sent home to go to gp which I did yesterday he has changed my painkillers to something stronger which just knock me out. At Rhumy appointment this morning so fingers crossed he can change my med's as been on mtx planquil naproxen and folic acid for 4 yrs and certainly not working.

Hope you are all well this morning and thank you for all your support x

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That sounds grim. Hope your appointment went well & they can give you something else.

I've been having a lot of problems with my hip but my Rheumy never seems to be interested. He only looks at my hands & feet, so I'll be interested in what he says.


That sounds really painful. I hope you had a productive appointment & your Rheumy was able to give you some idea what's going on & has reviewed your meds or at least altered the dose/s.


Hi Jennifer.

I also had to attend A&E with hip and back pain last Monday. Had X- ray and was given Oromorph and told I would be sent appt. to see Orthopaedic Surgeon. Rang Rhuemy clinic answerphone with news but they rang back and said it was nothing to do with them although this has only happened since I was diagnosed with RA some 6 months ago!

On same meds as you so please keep us updated! Good Luck!


Morning! I had my appointment with rhumy he has upped my mtx and said my back leg hip pain was burtitus again. Got a shot of steroids into it was sore for the first few days but so much better now but this is the second time in 6 months I've had this so guessing it's going to reoccur again. Upped my painkillers and given me sleeping tablets so knocked out sweating and weird dreams now but at least the pain has gone lol. Hope you are all okay x


hi i was diagnosed 1year ago,im on 20mgs methatrexate and sulfazalazine,im now back to square 1 with pain in every joint and can hardly walk


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