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Good afternoon everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a change (increase, in this case) in their blood pressure with their disease, RA or PSA related? I'm not on any medicines, as the doctors are still unwilling to diagnose me without anymore clear symptoms manifesting, so that's not a cause. Normally, I was running 110-120 / 65-75. The past three doctor visits, i've been consistently at or around 135/75-80, and last night on a machine I had a quick scare when it hit 147/76 (i redid it immediately afterwards and it went to 135/74). Now, I've been incredibly anxious about all of this since the symptoms began to manifest, which I know will have caused at least a minor jump, but my family history is riddled with heart attacks at ages that I'm nearing all too rapidly. Every male on my Grandmother's side had dealt with heart attack. Two passed from them, the others lived, but their attacks were at a young age. I'm scared now that this is going to cause a similar happening.

Thanks everyone.

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  • I think you are over worrying. 147/76 is not serious, when the lower pressure (called the diastolic) reaches 90 and above, that's when you need to worry and would certainly need to get it checked out. If you are suffering with inflammation that may be what is causing a slight rise in your usual blood pressure measurements, but even the upper pressure (systolic) is not too high at 147.

    There is a well known syndrome called 'white coat syndrome' when people visit the GP and their BP increases above their baseline recordings due to worry or tension about being at the doctors. When taking your BP at home, you should not eat or drink just before, and you should sit quietly for 10-15mins prior to taking your BP. if you have been active or eating and drinking just before you take your BP this is likely to show a rise.

    What symptoms are you experiencing that is suggestive of RA?

  • The main symptoms are red/inflammed joints , specifically all the joints in my fingers, tightness in hands/ wrists, with occasional pain and discomfort in said joints. Sometimes it occurs in my knees as well, and toes.

    It has been progressively getting worse since the initial symptoms began in November. Nothing in my blood besides minor inflammation (still within normal range) to give an indication there, but the physical presence is becoming more pronounced.

    It's a weird mishmash of symptoms right now. Two rhuemys so far are confused about what's going on. This current one has me going to some other specialists to see if we can pinpoint what's going on.

  • The good thing is that you are seeing specialists so hopefully they will provide a diagnosis. Meantime there are self management things you can do, such as look at your lifestyle. Most people want to dodge looking at their diet, I know I did, but have seen a dramatic difference in my wellbeing since I've taken some control. It's not perfect, I still succumb to temptation but am able to get back to healthy eating quickly. I've started juicing and I'm amazed at how much vegetables, fruits and herbs you can pack into a drink or smoothie. Are you getting enough exercise?

    Are you taking any pain relief for the swollen joints. The NSAID's Brufen, paracetamol etc., may help to reduce swelling and may help with the pain. Hot or cold compresses may be helpful - you can buy gel packs or improvise with a bag of frozen peas/ice in a food bag applied for 15 minutes or a wet tea towel heated for 10 sec intervals in microwave and applied (It cools down very quickly though) so a warm/hot bath would be good. You can get cooling gels and Brufen or Voltarel pain gels from the chemist to rub directly onto affected joints.

  • Definitely not getting enough excersize; I'm out of the house for work about 12-14 hours a day, so excersize has been hard to come by. That's a big thing I'm trying to find a work around for. As for food, I'm trying to drift into the mediterranean diet, so i've been eating relatively well.

    The inflammation, if bad enough, seems to respond alright to NSAIDS , so I take those hear and there. I do have voltaren gel as well which is helpful.

  • Morn i dont know if this is related or not. my age may have something to do with it. im 62 and menopasal. my bloods like you were perfect. now it runs between 135 and 150. my doc said no meds for it. just get to the gym and build up your heart muscles.

    she said not to worry about it worry will send it up high. well i must admit i used to check it every day now i dont bother at all. it can become a obsession and that wont help. i have been very bad at going to the gym cos i feel so tired all the time. i have made a packed with myself to start this week.

    hope that helps be interesting to see if anyone else has this prob.

    i have ra and oestio with poss lupus not on any meds i wont take them .

    have a good day carol

  • Hi I have RA have done for seven yrs , have tried many med and am on a triple therapy including anti ATNF. At my last hospital visit my consultant was concerned about my blood presure . So then had to over it done over 3 different periods still high 100/90 120/98 so my gp sent me to a blood presure centre where I was hiked up to a mobile blood pressure gadget to wear for next 48 hours then take the unit it back to the centre who down load it to a computer. Send the info back to gp. Who has said mine averaged out at 200/90 and that was when I was sleeping. So am now on medication for high blood pressure to !! I was told high blood pressure is a sign of a stroke. For me I don't sleep at night as my RA I'd so painful. So I personally believe it's due to that and feel reluctant to take yet another pill but I am.

    I hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms soon and I wish you well.


  • My usual BP is 96/65. When I was in a lot of pain w inflammation it was 125/80. I know that's not high but for me its high. The Dr said pain in the body can cause BP to shoot up. I'm on meds now and BP is back to normal.

  • Hi James, my BP is usually around 120/25 over 60 and I'll be 56 this year, like Braecoon I use diet to control my RA as much as possible. I find lemon and lime juice are absolute no noes for me, a case of trial and error plus knowing what things cause inflammation. The Food Hospital brought out a book, one of the patients they treated had RA and got her inflammation down by a significant amount. You might want to check that out. I hope that you feel a lot better soon and more in control of your symptoms.

  • my specialist told me no diet would make any dif. please tell me more about diet i will try.its dif doing menopause and ra at the same time


    Lots of healthy food items on here that can help out with inflammation and at least help alleviate some of those pains :) If you look around online, a lot of people with RA/PSA/etc swear by it.

  • I don't think that's helpful of your Specialist to say that Carol. Obviously diet won't cure your conditions but it could go some way to helping you keep as well as you can without medication. Both my h & I have continued to eat in the main what we ate when we lived in Spain, but we do adjust meals to our needs. For example, I eat more folate rich foods to help with my OA & bone health & what helps my inflammation for RD & he eats more of what he needs or avoids what he shouldn't eat being a diabetic with heart problems, we both have the hub of a meal with individual additions. The NRAS has a helpful page on this as well

    It won't hurt to try making some adjustments if you'd like to try, tailoring it to your needs & preferences. You never know you may find some benefits. :)

  • Thank you for your reply. I am happy to try , im just not good at sorting food out. Ive been under weight all my life so never thought about food really. my fingers are getting out of shape now on the top joints, i have a nerve started in my ring finger. so i think damage is done but i wiould like to try and help myself. i will look at site. i just need someon et o give me recipies for it.

    thank you carol

  • Well, many recipes are very simple, unfortunately I can't recommend any books as ours are written in Spanish (unless you understand Spanish of course!) & my h has others in his head (he's head cook in our house). There are many English one's out there though of course you'll need to be sure they're typical or as near as otherwise it's just another cook book. Another member bought The Idiots Guide to Mediterranean Diet though I've not read through the recipes so don't know how traditional it is. Two or our favourites are lentejas (a lentil stew with veg & chorizo) & one we call bean bake which is a vegetarian dish with butter beans, kidney beans, whole cherry tomatoes & smallish pieces of roast potato in a cheese sauce.

    I'm not sure why you don't take meds but maybe doing all you can to help yourself through your diet & exercise may be helpful for you.

  • Hi thanks i have always been ill on mess I tried a couple just sick. Then specialist said I needed streriods injection in knees which I did. With 30 mins I was taken ill at hospital. I ended up being taken to another city by ambulance kept over night. Np up sugar up really poorly doc thought I was going to have heart attack. Specialist said I can't have steroid again. I have a bit of a problem with it as she drew it back out the right knee file of white stuff, went to left knee which I said she she was doing it your hitting a nerve. Nothing but blood came out. So I believe she shot it straight into my system and that's what made me I'll. coz it should have npbeen there to come out. Moan over thank you for you chat. Which part of Spain are you in I have friends in Spain? Is it hot it's cold here.

    Enjoy your evening

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